A holiday disaster

A gentle wind was blowing through the campsite as my brother and I put up our tent. We were near a river. Then we went to sleep because we were very tired. We had been walking for hours to get to the campsite.
The next day we went to explore the forest. We were very happy. We had all day to explore the forest and take some photos to show our family. The forest was very deep. We didn’t know where we were going. We were completely lost. We slept in the forest.
In the morning we didn’t have much battery on our phones to call our parents. We tried to go back. We had been walking for hours. We don’t have any water. Then we arrived at a cafe. We went into the dark cave. We couldn’t see anything. I had a torch with me. The cave was empty.
When my brother and I went out we saw a big bear. We started running very fast. The bear went into the cave. While we were trying to get away from the bear, we found the road back. When we went to the campsite, our parents were waiting for us. We went home together.

Alexandra Al.

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