A happy new 😲

Julia opened the email and she was surprised by what she read. The email was from her best friend Jenny. She was arriving that night at 8 o’clock. She had gone to Australia to find a hospital to work as a doctor.

Jenny was her best friend from primary school. Julia was excited that her best friend was coming. She was ready to go to work. She went on to the company and came back home at 2 o’clock.

She started cleaning her house. She cooked a delicious meal for her bestie. The time was 4:30. It was time to go on the gym. She came back home at 6 o’clock. She had a bath and get dressed. The time was 7:45.

All was ready. The bell rang. Jenny was outside the door. I opened and hugged her. We got into, ate and sleep together after a long time of taking.

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