A good role model

  Everyone has a role model that they admire and get inspired him in their life. It should be a person that wants to imitate and help us to make our decision. Therefore, my role model is Özlem Türeci.

  Özlem Türeci is a German physician, scientist, and entrepreneur. She is the wife and collaborator of oncologist Ugur Shin, whose research team collaborated with pharmaceutical company Pfizer for the first RNA vaccine against COVID-19.

  Özlem Türeci is a person that I admire and respect because she come up with the vaccine that helps all the people to face a disease that has effected the whole world. I want to follow her steps and help the world by discovering a medicine that can treat a disease, thus saving lives as she did.

  In my opinion, having a role model and especially a good role model in your life can help you make the right choices that will lead you to become a better person. Also, this person inspires you to achieve your goals and advance your skills.

  To sum up, everyone needs a good role model in life to become successful. As someone once said, “Role models help us to set goals and try to make us as good as they are”.

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