A good person saved me

Ken looked in his backpack to find his camera, but it wasn’t there. He had arrived in Oslo early in the morning and he was looking for his camera to show the photos to his friend. He was at his friend’s apartment and they were having lunch. When he couldn’t find the camera he began to panic.

He searched his backpack many times. He remembered that he had taken some photos in the café where he was drinking his juice. He quickly went to the café but there was no sign of his camera.

Then he remembered that he had eaten ice cream and took a photo with the ice-cream seller. He ran to the park to find the seller. He saw that he wasn’t there and was disappointed. At that moment the ice-cream seller went to the park.

“I found your camera on the ground,” he said and disappeared. He was completely surprised to find his camera. He felt very pleased that the ice-cream seller was kind enough to hand back his camera

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