Today’s blog post is about a very well known inventor,named Stephen Hawking. His full name is Stephen William Hawking. Mr.Hawking  was born οn 8th January 1942.He was an author an a physicist. Mr.Hawking had a disease (MND/ALS) a neurodegerative disease that affects the motor neurones in the brain and spinal cord, wich gradually paralysed him over decades. He could only ”use” a single cheek muscle.He was diagnosed in 1963. His disease never stopped him from discovering things that people haven’t thought about. They are so many but I’m going to tell you about the one that he is most well  known of which   was a discovery about black holes in 1974 that shook the world of physics. According to Einstein’s theory, nothing — including light — can escape from inside a black hole. That’s why it’s black. But Stephen found that black holes are not really completely black. He died on 14th March 2018. I respect  Mr.Hawking in a different way because he never stopped trying,thinking and the most important BELIEVING!

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