A dramatic experience!

It was a sunny summer’s day and I was drawing a dinosaur when my mum got in my room. She was very worried. She was telling me something but I couldn’t understand anything because she was crying a lot. Suddenly I heard other voices from outside, in the streets. “War, war. We have war” people were shouting while they were running from door to door. “We have war against Turkey” my mum managed to tell me. Two days left and the third, in the morning we heard a Turkish aeroplane above us. I ran outside and I saw many fires. The Turkish soldiers were there. A lot of people were getting in boats and then they were sailing out away from the Turkish soldiers. “Come on, we must go. We will get a boat.” my dad said. “Only one minute. I want to get my clothes and my games.” I said. “We don’t have time for this.” dad told me. But I went upstairs to take my toy bear. In the boat, I was crying a lot because I left my house and I didn’t know where I was going. It was a dramatic experience. After two days we arrived at a beautiful island, Lesvos. Now, I’m very well but I still remember my old life and I cry.

Panagiotis V.

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