A Cruise to New York!

Marilia: Hi, Chris. What about going on a cruise?
Chris: Hello, Marilia this is a great idea!
Marilia: Ok. Let’s go to buy tickets!
Chris: Yes, let’s go!
Elisa: (Ticket Agent) Hello!
Marilia: Hello. My friend and I want to buy tickets.
Chris: Yes, and we want to go on a cruise to New York!
Elisa: (ticket agent) Single or return?
Chris: Single.
Marilia: How much does the single ticket cost?
Elisa: (ticket agent) They are $20 for a person, so that will be $40.
Marilia: How long is the trip?
Elisa: (ticket agent) It’s 1 hour on the first cruise. The slow one takes about two hours.
Marilia: We want the fast cruise.
Elisa: (ticket agent) Ok. Here you are! Have a nice trip!
Chris: Thanks! Bye!
”In The Home”
Marilia: Chris, let’s go to prepare our luggage!
Chris: Yes. Let’s go!
”Outside The Ship”
Marilia: Let’s go into the ship!
Chris: Ok, this is fantastic!
”In The Ship”
Anastasios: Hello. Your tickets please!
Marilia: Yes, here you are.
Anastasios: Thanks!
Chris: Marilia let’s go to out cabine.
” In The Cantine”
Iliana: Hello! What would you like to eat?
Marilia: I would like a pasta please.
Chris: I don’t want to eat anything, but I would like to drink some orange juice!
Iliana: Ok!
Capten Orestis: In one hour the ship will be in New York!
Mania guiole: Hello! I am the guiole and I will tell you some places that you visit is New York!
Marilia: Ok, thanks!
Mania: You can go to see the statue of diberrg! Also, you can see a lot of celebrities and singers on the streets. You can see and the street bridge in the San Francisco!
Chris: Wow, thank you very much!
Mania: Your welcome.

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