A lot has changed through the years. Science and technology have contributed intensely in these changes. However, not all of them are beneficial for our world, because they’re not always used responsibly.

The term “technology” defines the skills, methods, techniques and measures used in the production of essential products and conveniences or for the achievement of objectives, such as scientific analysis. Nowadays, when people hear this term they think of social media; internet or mechanical engineering, because it is this century’s latest technological developments.

These days, the greatest high-tech gadgets are mobile phones, along with the internet and its facilities, which also seem to be used by people the most. Given these points, hackers take advantage of this fact and use the internet, which was originally created to assist people with their research and similar needs, for their own personal gain. What’s that? Well, most hackers are after users’ private data, like e-mails, passwords, bank accounts etc. In addition, the fact that lots of people use the internet often gives them a number of options to achieve their intentions. On the contrary, not all hackers have the same intention. Moreover, some social media users exploit other users, using fake identities, for similar; worse or different reasons.

Of course, hackers and dangerous sites “caring” viruses are not the only problems. The new generation born in the century of technology, spend too much time on their phones, watching TV or surfing on the Net. Even though most of the teens are establishing contact by texting or video-chatting when they’re not at school, still seem to have forgotten the “good old face-to-face” communication. On the other hand, this doesn’t seem to be such a huge issue.

For this reason, technology is very useful. However, when using one of its factors, specifically the internet, the user must be careful and responsible. In like manner people should also take a break from mechanics and spend a bit of time in “the real world”.

By Eleftheriou P. E.

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