A Clumsy Wizard

We ware staring at the board when we heard a noise,something like a zot! It was really loud so we went check outside for some clues.We found a weird broken stick on the ground it had carvings and hieroglyphic letters.It was a magic wand!!No one dared to touch it,it looked very scary. Finally when we got the courage the teacher the one who is responsible for us took the wand. Then out of nowhere the wand started recreating itself and magically making all its pieces come and stick back to it. Nextly a wizard was shot out of it. Turns out he was from another reality and wanted to travel to mars but accidentally he traveled to earth of this universe. He was a bit injured so we got hes wounds healed. The thing he asked us next though confused us all. He said kids lets go on an adventure! We all asked what do you mean? And he said that to go back to his universe he needed some special ingredients. Some include a dragons scale a tigers fur and a big book of alchemy to mix all the other ingredients he had in hes bag. We said that most of these are kind of able from us but there were not any dragons in earth. Then the wizard said something really smart maybe there is one but you have not explored earth all that much! The wizard gave us a magic potion for us all to have powers and he teleported us in a enormous volcano that was unlocated by humanity. The wizard said to look inside it to see if there was the dragon in it so a kid with ice and water powers melted the lava. Then pissed came out of it a giant dragon flapping its wings rapidly. We all were ready and started blasting the dragon in hopes that a scale would cone off and eventually it did. We took it and teleported back to school. We were exhausted so we cheated and got the tiger fur from a clothes shop. And the big pot from a convenience store. The wizard thanked us and made the potion to leave. We qll thanked him for the adventure and sended him to hes marry way!




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