a birthday party

Hi Anna!

I’m writing you this to tell you about my birthday party!

Last Saturday, I invented at my house some of my classmates. I was looking forward to that day for weeks. I had organised everything precisely. Well, we were six girls and three boys. Also, I had communicated with my parents leaving the house, so we were alone.

My friends arrived on time. Firstly, I opened their presents. All of them were extremely exciting. Afterwards, we played video games all together on our new TV! I think that everyone had fun until then. When we finished with that I turned on the music. So we started dancing like crazy.

At that time, Daniel through the TV down by mistake. I was speechless! I could not believe in my eyes! I immediately ran to pick up the TV and I saw that the TV screen is cracked. Then, I was calling my dad to come home quickly while I was saying goodbye to my friends.

Finally, my dad came and he went the TV to the survises. Somehow was my birthday!

When is your birthday?

Write me back soon,



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