A bear incident

A gentle wind was blowing through the campsite as my brother and I put up our tent. My brother told me that he had to go to find some wood to start a fire. A few minutes later I heard my brother screaming and I ran to find him. When I came close to him I screamed too when I saw what he was screaming about!.
He had hurt his leg because of a big bear which had attacked him. I took a big piece of wood and I threw it across the bear but not to hurt it just to scare it away. The bear ran away and I took my brother back to the camp but it wasn’t so easy.
My brother couldn’t run or walk and I had to hold him to walk. Suddenly lots of bears were coming behind us. We were lucky a man from the camp came to save us.
Scared the dears left and we took my brother to the hospital. In the end, my brother came back to the camp and all together we sat around the fire and told our story while eating sandwiches. Later we slept in our tents exhausted and relieved that our adventure had a happy ending.

Fotini Th.

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