A bad new

An email came to my account. It was from my brother. Kevin was in Los Angeles. I was in Brazil. I was in a home with Selena, a friend from University. I was to Brazil to study economics. It was the exam period. I had to study hard.

When I saw that the email came to my account,  I  quickly closed the broom to read the email. My brother was sick. My parents can’t go to Kevin from Greece so he asked me to help him to get well soon. I got in the car with a small bag in my hands. In the bag was my clothes. I went to Mexico. Before I enter the center a strange sound was heard from the car engine. I was worried because my brother was waiting for me. Suddenly, the car stopped. It was in a position that I could not continue with the car. I waited to the bus station. The bus for Los Angeles arrived. After some hours, I went to my brother’s house. A week later, Kevin got well. We went to the park and ate ice cream for a goodbye.

I went back to Brazil but when I returned to my house,Selena was sleeping. I went to my room. I saw that tomorrow I had an exam that would determine my course. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass the exam and returned with a broken heart to Greece.

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