Day: 19 February 2021

A letter to santa claus

Dear Santa Claus,

I have been a good person this year. I have gotten good marks in school and I have tried my best so I would really appreciate getting a good gift this year. The gift I want is a Playmobil castle.I am sending you this letter now so you have plenty of time to get my present ready. Please don’t forget your covid shot so that you don’t get sick.


Thank you for your time.

Aristidis @@@@@.

The Keramidotrehalos !!!! ( ^ _ ^ )

Last month I went with my class to the theatre to see a funny play . We all had a great  time because we laughed so much . The name of the play ” The Keramidotrehalos ” is for all ages . It’s about a boy who doesn’t likes cleanning his room and girl who likes sitting on roofs . The girl helps the boy to clean his room befor his mum comes home. The crazy girl rides on the broom and the boy ells her to be careful . Then what happen ?? Don’t miss it ! Go and see this play . It’s funny and I am sure that you will enjoy it .

Evi 👱‍♀️💌

A festival

Athens Open Air Film Festival

One of the most entertaining festivals in Greece is the Open Air Film Festival which takes place in Athens. It begins in June and ends in September. Of course, it is in the evening so people of all ages can come.

This annual event celebrates both Greek and foreign films.  It is held in a different open air cinema every week. This is because they want the visitors to see different places in Athens. There visitors can watch films for free and meet new people.

All in all, this festival is great and everyone can have fun there. I always do so don’t miss it!

**A day in super market**

A day Zoe and Jack with their mum went at supermarket. There was a boy with name James with his rollers. He ran fast and he fell down. Children’s mum panished James and he learn his lesson. This day James with his family moved to the same neighborhood where Zoe ana Jack live. The kids saw James and they tell on their mum she went at James’ house and tell on his mum where she knew.

KEDU English School