Day: 17 February 2021

The pirates

Two pirates found a treasure on a island with their map. At night they went for sleeping and a rabbit took the box with the treasure. At morning the pirates woke up and they were looking for the treasure. They didn’t see the rabbit running behind them. At the end the pirates found the rabbit with the box  full of carrots. The rabbit through the treasure in the sea because wanted the box for the carrots.

My Bedroom

In my bedroom there is one bed

There  are a lot of toys.

There is a desk  and  a  chair.

Also there  is  a window next to

the bed.  My bedroom  is white

By Ioanna

A famous festival in my country

The Book Festival in Athens, the largest book festival in Greece, is organised every summer in Zappeio or Thisio. It accommodates a lot of Greek publishers.

People can see a lot of authors and writers and ask them everything they want. They also can buy many books, sometimes very rare and they can learn about some books they are going to sell, too!

It lasts 5 days, 5 days of learning in the great world of books.

My bedroom

In my bedroom there is one bed. There are a lot of toys.

There is a desk and a chair. Also there is a window next to the bed.

My bedroom is white.

By: Christine


The pirates, holding the treasure chest, went out on a desert island. So at night they slept on the beach and then a rabbit went slowly and stole their treasure. In the morning when the pirates woke up and saw that the treasure was missing they started arguing with each other and as they were arguing they saw the rabbit throwing the treasure into the sea and inside the trunk he had stored his carrots.

How to do a blog post

First of all go to the google and write kedu.Then do a account when you finish the account go to the left and you see add a new blog post click on that and write the title of the blog post then write your blog post and wen you finish click add the blog post and you are ready.


On picture 1 they are pirates and they have a tresure.On the 2 picture a rabbit steal the tresure when the pirates sleeping.On the 3 picture the pirates stand up at the morning and they aren’t see the tresure.On the 4 picture the rabbit throw the tresure in the see and in the box he puts carrots.

My bedroom

In my bedroom there is one bed.There is a bookcase and on it there are books.There is a desk.There is a basket with toys.

My favourite dish

My favourite dish is pasticcio, because i like spaggeti and minced meat and with the bechamel is more taste.The things that we need for pasticcio is the eggs, the oneon,salt, pepper and the spaggeti, the minced meat and the bechamel. First, we boil the spaggeti and the minced meat. The minced meat we must boil with the curing and the vengetables.We make the bechamel and after,we put in order all this things and in the end, we bake them.

my bedroom

In my bedroom,there are two beds.A big bed for me and a smaall soft bed for my cat.

There’s a sofa and two armchairs.There’s a bookcase and on it there is a big TV.

“A Wolf At The Door”

My Book Review

Who wrote this book
Nick Ward..

What is this book about?
The title of this book is “A Wolf At The Door” created by Nick Ward.
This is a children’s book. It’s a cute story where there are many characters from different fairy tales that children love. These are Little Bo Peep, the three little pigs. little red riding hood, Cinderella, Goldilocks, a little goat, and some others. All of them get scared by a big bad wolf and that runs to hide into the house of the little bear. All of them are in the house and everyone describes the terrible wolf using the most shocking details.

My Favourite part
Then there is another knock at the door. The father Bear opens, to accept the invitation of the Little cute wolf for playing in the yard. Actually, the little wolf just wanted to play with the others, so he followed everyone making them get scared. In the end of the story all the fairy tale heroes play with the little wolf and everyone is happy.

How many stars?
I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Do you recommend this book?
This is a book about breaking stereotypes, as that wolves are always dangerous. I like this book it’s funny and the illustration is nice. I recommend it

The end!

I like play with …….

I like play with my little hairy ball . I love it and I sleep with her . Is red and beautiful !!! My cat play with it and my cat is so funny !!! The name of the ball is Pipi !!

By Evi !!😋👱‍♀️

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