Day: 14 February 2021


MY favorite toy is LEGO. I am spending a lot of time with constructions with LEGOS and I like to create a fantasy world with my LEGO. Also, I have many little which are inside my room , for example, my helicopter or my cars.

BY Theodore Papaporfiriou


one day lily and paul went for picnic with their family .Lily and Paul wete playing with a yellow ball but the ball fall in the see.One fisherman who caming neer land  cought the ball and gave to chindren

Instructions for new students

Hi Nadia!

I can help you to upload a blog post to kedu space. First, open your internet browser and go to kedu space. Then click on where it says log in. Type in your username and password and click on” login”. Then go to “my blog”, go to “my Quests”, go to “my blog posts” and click on “add a new blog post”. Next, type in the title of the blog post and then type in your blog post. Next, choose your class category, then type in your tag. After that, click on “Drop files here to upload”, select your photo and click on “open” then click on “Add blog post here”. You have uploaded your blog post!!!

Why tourism is important?

Tourism nowadays is very important for all the countries. The main and basic reasons for it, is the benefits in economy and the creation of jobs position.

Tourism improves the economy of countries because of the money that tourists spend, with the result the countries win more money from the taxes, the creation of new jobs and the good promotion of itself. Tourists visit a country in order to see the cultural sites and museums of some cities, towns and villages and they also visit some beaches and natural sites and other places. In touristic countries, a lot of tourists come and it is one of the biggest profits of the country. The most of the profits come from hotels, café, museums, tourist shops and all the places that tourists visit, generally. But, the tourism must be of “quality” and the country must have other industries too.

Tourism is very important for every country as it offers many benefits.

My favorite recipe



olive oil





He wash the potatos and peel them. After that we put the potatos in a small saucepan and we boil them until they became soft. We drain the water and we press the potatos in the saucepan with a special tool until they break into smaller smaller pieces. Then, we add some olive oil, some butter, some salt and pepper and we keep pressing until they become a puree.


A day at the forest

One day Paul and Lily with their parents went on a camping in the forest. They ate sandwiches and drink lemonade. Then the kids went to play with their little puppy snowball while their mother was reading her favourite book and their dad was sleeping. The kid’s played catch. Then Paul kicked the ball very high and Lily said oh no the ball is going to the water. They screamed for help until a man that went fishing caught the ball and gave it to them. The man said here you go guys, but next time be careful and don’t throw the ball that high. The kids said thank you mister and yes we won’t do it again. Their parents woke up and their mother because she was scared she threw her book. At 6 o’clock they went home and said what a beautiful day we hope we go again.

My favourite recipe

Nectarine,strawberry and bananna smoothie.


1 nectarine

75g of strawberries

1 banana

125gr og strawbwrry yoghurt

Peel and stone the nectanine

Peel the bananna and chop

Wash the strawberries

Add all the ingredients in a bowl and use a liquidizer or hand blender.


Instructions for new students.

Victoria's instructions to upload a blog post

When you are a new student on Kedu you will find my blog post very helpful. First of all you connect to the internet then you go to the website “”.After that log in to your account now you go to the bottom with the tree lines click here after that click on “Add a blog post”and write the Title of the blog and a little text. Then go to google images and upload a photo about the blog.Next click on “Add the blog post here” and your blog upload.When you want to edit your blog post click on “my blog “ and then click on “my guests” after that click on “my blog post “ and then “edit my blog post “.

School Problem

Dear Mr. Chatzilambrou

I am writing this e-mail to report the problem my classmates and I are facing at school.

Our problem is that our German teacher talks to us in a disrespectful way and does not allow us to go to the WC and when she gets angry even tells us to shut up.

In my opinion teachers should not act in that way and should be kind and respectful the way we are to them .I would like to ask you to talk to this teacher and maybe ask her to be nice to us .

This will help us to have lessons in peace and enjoy learning.

Thank you for considering my opinion

Kind regards

Casey Zekthi

KEDU English School