Day: 13 February 2021


After entering the kedu space and entering the site, click on the three lines and then where it says add new blog post one. your block and after you write the title and your text you have to write your class a tag and a photo in the largest part and to upload it you press add blog.

My favorite dish

My favorite dish is pasta with minced meat. It is served with cheese. It is my favorite food because it is very tasty. It is a very famous dish in Greece. And my favorite sweet is ice cream.


Salut! Je m’appelle Maritine. Je suis greque. Je deteste le baba aur rhum. J’adore le yaourt. J n’aime pas le steak. J’aime  le riz. J’ai faim!!!

My favourite musical instrument 🥁

My favourite musical instrument is drums because a wonderful musical instrument.I like play drums because I like listening 👂 to music 🎵.My color 🥁 red black grey and white.with two brown steaks.I love 💕 the drum 🥁 because I heard my l feel is playing with it.l sometimes playing my friend GEORGE drums.He sometimes comes to my house 🏡 and we play a favourite song .We believe I hope you will love ❤️ the drums 🥁 from love l.


Dear Mr Smith,

I am sending you this email to mention some problems we are having at our school and as a stundent I am very concered .

First of all the most important problem is that we do not have many classrooms and  they are not big enough . The stundents believe that you shuld build big classrooms and also renovate the  small classes into have  ones . This will help all the stundents to have more space and have many different lessons.

  Secontly , the Music School  which is right next to our school is another problem. The stundents  from that school make alot of noise when they play their instruments and this makes it difficult  for us to have our lessons . It would be a good idea to have a soundproof building.

                 Thanks you for your time


                                                             John karaklas


Myn favourite dish.

I have two favourite dishes.The first is pasta with meat and the second favourite dish is chicken with potatoes.I don’t forget the sweets.I love sweets.

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