Day: 11 February 2021

**The lost scarf**

One day Peter Jane and Sirius went at the beach and the found a scarf. The saw a girl who was cry and they went near her. She stop crying she tells on the kids that this scarf belonged to her father who been killed in a car accident and that he was her only friend. “Now is the time to make new friends” Jane said. All the children said their names and then all played together.




I am Ariadni.                     My mum is Katerina.

You are a teacher.             Your school is big.

He is Cody.                         His sister is Elsa.

She is Elsa.                         Her brother is Cody.

It is a dog.                           Its colour is yellow.

We are friends.                  Our dads are friends.

You are mums.                  Your babies are small.

They are pupils.           Their teacher is Mr Mike.

My house – My family

My mum’s name is Denise. She is in the kitchen. There is a table and two chairs in our kitchen. My dad’s name is Sakis. He is in the bedroom. There is a bed,an armchair and a lamp in his bedroom. My grandma’s name is Vana. She is in the living room. There are a sofa,two armchairs,a TV,a lamp and a desk in our living room. My grandpa’s name is Bill. He is in the garden. There are trees and a table in his garden. My sister’s name is Maria. She is in the bathroom. There is a bath in our bathroom.

My house-My family

My grandma’s name is Deppie.

There is a sofa,one armchair,a TV,two tables  and four lamps ,in our livingroom.

My grandpa’s name is Nick.

He  is in the garden.There are there in he is garden.

Thanks for inviting me to come with you.

Hello Alex,

Thanks for inviting me to come with you. Congratulations of your win. We can go on Saturday afternoon, because I have not any lesson. I think the better film that we can see is the second on whitch speaks about humans moving to another planet because in some years maybe we will can travel to other planets and this film will teach us how we can go and what we will can do there. My brother needs to come with us because he loves space and he will be very excited! Send me back about the time and where we will can meet to go there together.

With love,


Τo school

Every day I get up eighth o clock and I go school I stay in school all morning. I like listen the lessons I have dinner seven o clock. I eat with my mum. After dinner I watch tv I always go to bed early.On about ten o clock. Im tired after a long day of school.

“The Importance of Friendships”

“Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies”, Aristotle said. From the past, friendships were, and still are, very important and beneficial in our life. In my opinion, having a friend will always make us happy and able to deal with our problems while we know that somebody supports us.

Firstly, as we all know, our friends always encourage us, in other words our friends are always a support for us. For example, when we have a serious problem and we don’t know how to deal with it, a real friend always advices us about what to do. Consequently, we will be always sure that somebody will always help us.

Secondly, having a friend means that we will be never alone. For instance, when we have a friend, we’re always together and we never feel loneliness. This means that having a friend is having a company.

Additionally, a friend always helps us deal with our problems. As a matter of fact, if we need somebody’s help, our friend will always help us. A real friend will be always with us when we need him/her.

Taking all in consideration, we end up to one conclusion: friendships are very important and beneficial in our life!


Even today poverty is still a problem. A huge number of our population do not have the basics to live whether that is a food or home.

Have you ever thought how homeless people live? A lot of people will answer no because they only care about themselves and their family. Homeless people feel isolated from society because of this thought which ivolves a lot of opression for them.

The end of poverty associated with people in better financial situation to give money or food to improverished people instead of buying an expensive shirt. This act is an oppurtunity for people who are safe to help others whoselives are threatened.

The Important Of Friendship!!!

First, friends bring happiness into our lives, and a lack of connection with them can be just as devastating as smoking or drinking too much alcohol.

Good friends improve our mood. Happiness is said to be contagious. Happy and optimistic friends can form a more beautiful outlook on things and elevate our psychology. Οur friends give us the courage and confidence we need to keep going.

In childhood we begin to choose friends because we look alike, because we have common interests and as we lead into adolescence our friends become even more important to us, we identify with them, they support us, we trust them with our desires, our dreams and our difficulties .

Sometimes things are not very easy with friendships. Friendships do not last forever, but that does not mean that there are no friendships that last a lifetime. Most of the time friendships fade and naturally weaken over time. This happens as friends’ lives, interests and priorities change. Thus, some move, others take on new responsibilities in their lives as a result of which they move away.

But I do not think that means that the friendship is really over. Many times the separation of the two friends is a necessary developmental stage of the friendship where after a while the friends have matured, adapted to their lives and returned to building the relationship, and this time stronger.

When Pythagoras (philosopher) was asked what a friend is, he replied: “He who is your other self,

That is why I personally believe that friendships are necessary!!!

To school

Κάθε μέρα σηκώνομαι όγδοη ώρα και πηγαίνω στο σχολείο παραμένω στο σχολείο όλο το πρωί. Μου αρέσει να ακούω τα μαθήματα που έχω δείπνο επτά η ώρα. Τρώω με τη μαμά μου. Μετά το δείπνο βλέπω τηλεόραση πάντοτε κοιμάμαι νωρίς. Περίπου δέκα η ώρα. Είμαι κουρασμένος μετά από μια κουραστική μέρα στο σχολείο.

To school

Κάθε μέρα σηκώνομαι όγδοη ώρα και πηγαίνω στο σχολείο παραμένω στο σχολείο όλο το πρωί. Μου αρέσει να ακούω τα μαθήματα που έχω δείπνο επτά η ώρα. Τρώω με τη μαμά μου. Μετά το δείπνο βλέπω τηλεόραση πάντοτε κοιμάμαι νωρίς. Περίπου δέκα η ώρα. Είμαι κουρασμένος μετά από μια κουραστική μέρα στο σχολείο.


   My favourite actor is Tom Hanks. When he was a kid he was a very shy boy with not a lot of interests but

everything changed when he took theater classes in High school.

That gave him the chance to be more confident and discover the magical world of theatre.

He continued theatre while he was in University so he decided that he should try in movies.

His first TV show ” Bossom Buddies”  is the show where he meets his wife Rita Wilson, an actress

with Greek roots. That’s when his carreer get started. Philadelphia, The Green Mile, Forest Gump

Saving private Ryan, The Splash, were some of his great movies that made him popular and very

loving to the people. For the movies Philadelphia and Forest Gump he won the Oscar for the man’s First role.

  Maybe he isn’t as handsome as Brad Pitt or Leonardo Di caprio but he got something in his look that makes you love him.

The film I enjoyed most was The Terminal with Catherine Jeta Jones where he was a citizen of a small country when for

political reasons he got stuck and lived  for some months in the airport but soon with his good character and the way he copes

with the situation he becomes the heroof all the eployees of the airport and not only them!

 He can play every role you can imagine. He has a class act that world lacks it. In my opinion Tom Hanks is a kind of guy

you want to have as a close friend besides is a very good actor and his films are never boring

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