Day: 9 February 2021

The importance of friendship

Friendship, a word nobody really knows what it means. Something that we all know about that word is that everybody needs it to survive. Living without a friend is like living in a place where nobody else exists. Many people say that living without friends it’s easier than it looks like, but I don’t stand by that. And this is why. 

To begin with, a common thing that friends do is giving courage. By giving courage to someone we encourage them to do many things. Also giving courage means to support our friends on a difficult time, by telling them all the positive things in a situation.  This can help them see clearer on a time they can’t.    

Secondly, a very important point with having no friends is feeling lonely. Loneliness can be a very harmful disease, if you let it.   It can be good and bad for you. Many people like being alone, because they like quiet, but I think that after some time you will get a feeling that feels like something is missing.  

Lastly having no friends can make you to take your life away. Without even noticing it, it can make you feel that your life, isn’t worth it anymore. On our days, when people commit suicide is usually because they don’t have a single friend to be there on their side when we need them most. Another information about suicide, is that most of them are teenagers. 

In conclusion, we can understand that friends are a pretty big deal in our life. Without them we wouldn’t be the persons that we are now. So, if we can solve a pretty big problem with just being there for each other, why we don’t do it? 


“It is good that professional sports are so commercial, nowadays?”

Sport nowadays is very popular and very entertaining because of the following reasons in this essay. I believe that professional sports are a bit too commercial and need to be changed.

Sports are commercial because they have a lot of advertisements from sponsors and some products and a lot of famous footballers and basketball players, mainly, have too high salaries. Also, there are some too fanatical fans, which are called hooligans that make troubles in the stadiums such as breaking objects, cause brawls between the fans of two teams and others.

However, sports are entertaining, even today, but there are some problems. For these reasons, there must not be hooligans and the salaries must not be higher than it needs to be. Also, there must not be corruptions of trainers, referees and players.

Apart from these problems, professional sports are good and these problems can be solved and overcome.

One Rainy Day

My Book Review

Who wrote this book
Christina Butler.

What is this book about?
This is a children’s book. The title is One Rainy Day written by Christina Butler a British children writer. The illustration is by Tina Macnaughton.
The main character of the story is a cute little Hedgehog. When he makes up, he finds it’s a rainy day. He takes his red sparkly umbrella and he goes out to enjoy the rin. Soon the rain gets faster and the wind gets stronger. So his walk around turns into a great adventure.

My Favourite part
The little Hedgehog meets his friends who are in trouble because of the storm. He helps them and at the end of the storm. He helps them and at the end of the story, they enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and some biscuits in his cozy house.

How many stars?
I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Do you recommend this book?
It’s a cute story about friendship and kindness that all children like to read. The text is in minimal writing and the illustration is amazing. There are some sparking details in the pages that make children enthusiastic. It’s a nice children’s book. It’s nice even for adults.

The end!


My choice of photos

1st prize: <a href="“>

2nd prize: <a href="“>

3rd prize: <a href="“>

Entry summary:

1st photo: In this photo we can see a little girl looking at her dad behind a window. The girl, Mila, was ill, and her parents tried to protect her from COVID-19. Her dad had to go to work every day and her sister had to go to school, so they found a solution: to live in different houses. They would visit Mila every day at the window. At first Mila did not understand what was happening but at the end she accepted it. She was strong and patient and her mum was proud of her.

2nd photo: In this photo we can see two kids siting on the fence of their garden clapping for their mum and dad. Both kids are wearing their pyjamas because it is late in the evening. Their parents work in a hospital and they save people from COVID-19. They spend many hours away from their children and they return home late at night. During lockdown, many doctors and nurses had to work extremely hard and they had to “forget” even their children for many months. That is why all of us should be grateful to them.

3rd photo: In this photo we can see two doctors wearing masks with a smile on them. They worked hard all the week and they want to feel happy and make their patients and colleagues happy as well. Masks hide faces and emotions. When people wear them, they cannot communicate and exchange ideas. That’s why the doctors drew smiles on the masks, they wanted to show their feelings.

A happy schoolyard

I can see a schoolyard. I can see two girls, who are playing basketball and a boy who is playing football. There is a box with many balls, a bike and a hopscotch. Also there are a lot of trees.

Zoe and her brother**

One day my friend Zoe with her brother Jack and her mum went to supermarket to buy some things. Then the children saw a little boy with his skates. He went very fast and he felt on Jack. Then the mum shouted out the boy and he cried.

My story!**

One day Vicky and her grandma help the grandpa with the chickens. Later Vicky went to the stable and got the eggs. Then grandpa closed the door. The little girl has scared and she cried. Then the grandma opened the door and she was surprised!

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