Day: 7 February 2021

Robot movie


My favourite movie with robot is robogirl . This movie is about a girl named Sofia.  She destroied the robot of her brother .  She tried to make it again from the begging. She took the lesson of robotic to her school. With her friends she made a team and she made a new robot better than her brother and won a competition with her team .

I like this movie because I love robotic and I want to make my robotic team.


My sandwich

There are some eggs in my sandwich. There are some tomatoes and some carrots and a lot of crisps in my sandwich.


A family picnic

I can see a river with a bridge. Also I can see a family. The children are playing football next to a robot. Their mum is sitting on a mat. On the mat There are two apples, a burger and three bottles of water. There is a box with toys near the mat. Dad is fishing near a tree. Also I can see a bench and many bushes.


Hi everyone! I want to tell you about a movie with robots. The title of this movie is robogirl. This movie is about a girl, Sofia, with her robot. Sofia broke her brother’s robot and wanted to fix it. Then she went to robotics lessons with her friends, Melina and Dimitris. Sofia with her friends fixed the robot and they named Yoda. They took part in the robotics competition. They made the robot walk and dance and they won the competition. I like this movie because Sofia and her friends won the competition. Also, I like the plot and the music of the film.

In which initiative would I participate ?

Nowadays, a lot of people believe in servicing our community by engaging its members to give back through a variety of initiatives. They are five initiatives. Firstly, we have the proacting youth mentoring programme, the pro bono work, the community outreach programme, the crowdfunding projects and lastly the corporate community engagements.

If you ask me in which initiative I would participate, I maybe would join the community outreach programme in which over 10,000 volunteering hours in activities such as concerts for the elderly and neighborhood walks giving out information about drug abuse.

I would probably do that because a lot of older people feel loneliness, a feeling no one should ever feel, and in order to make them forget this fact and have their time of their life I would choose this programme. Also when you volunteer for this initiative you have the opportunity to learn and teach information about drug abuse and how you can fight it. Lastly, I would participate in this initiative because I help people who cannot help themselves and win this battle of drug abuse.

To sum up, volunteering is something in which you can learn a lot of things, help others, make friendships and meet new characteristics of your personality. After all, who are we without volunteering?

My family and my house

In our kitchen there is a table and 4 chais.

Is in the bedroom. There is a bed in the bedroom.

There are flowers on our balcony.

There is a bath in our bathroom.

There is a garden.

Is in the livingroom. There are 2 sofas, an armchair and 3 lamps in our livingroom.

My favourite singer

Dua Lipa is my favourite singer because she plays my favourite kind of music pop music. Dua Lipa is a tall beautiful girl with blond hair and brown eyes). 

 Dua Lipa has played many songs and many of these songs are in the top list of the songs. In 2018, Lipa won the Brit Awards for Best British Female Solo Artist. In 2020 Dua Lipa has played (physicals, don’t start now, break my heart, one kiss, love again and many others! Dua Lipa is a very good singer and when I hear her song make me happy!!  


my favorite animated character

my favorite animated character

my favorite animated character is from the mermaid melody series. Her name is luchia. luchia is a mermaid princess. This mermaid sings transforms and defeats the bad guys only with these three powers. I like this Mermaid  because it has one of my favorite colors and she is a mermaid.

It also has two friends Hanon and Rina.

she goes to school and lives with her sister and her friends.

the devil and miss prym

My Book Review

Who wrote this book
Paulo Coelho.

What is this book about?
The title of this book is “The Devil and Miss Prym” written by the most popular writer of our days Paulo Coelho. He is a Brazilian novelist, born in 1947. Its best-known novel is “The Alchemist”
In a small village in the mountains live only 281 inhabitants. It’s just a peaceful village where nothing interesting happens. Miss Prym is a young woman, living a boring life in the village waiting for something different to happen and change lives in the village. One day a stranger visits the village and talks to her. He tells her that he needs to find out if people are good or bad. He brings a lot of gold and he wants to offer it to the village if they will to kill one of their own. He asks her to give the message to the people of the village and she is very sure that they will refuse to kill someone for the gold. She is She believes that people in the village are nice and they never will do so. She tells people about his offer and they decide to kill Berta , an old woman who lives in the village and can read the emotions. She also can read the signs and see the Devil. She is the oldest person in the village.

My Favourite part
So the other people in the village decide to shoot her because they think she is useless. After killing her they could take the gold and transform the village into a new place. Miss Prym tells them that taking the gold and killing Berta would prove how evil they are, with no morals. Then people decide to refuse the gold and don’t trust the stranger. But Miss Prym wants the gold for herself and tries to steal it but there are some circumstances that stop her. In the end, the stranger admits that people are neither good nor evil.

How many stars?
I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Do you recommend this book?
This is a book about eternal conflict between good and evil. It’s an interesting story. You must read it!!!

The end!


My mum is in the kitchen.

In our kitchen,there is a mat.

My dad is in the bedroom.There is a bed in our bedroom.

My grandpa Amvrosios is in the bathroom.

There is a bath in our bathroom.

My grandpa Stelios, is in the garden.

There is a garden outside our hose.

My grandma’s Maria and Rena are in the living room.

There are 2 sofas and 2 armchairs in our living room.



This movie  is  about  students.They wont to   creat  one  robot for  big school    competition.They are trying  for  a  long  time.  They  wanted  it  a  lot and they win.

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