Day: 6 February 2021

My family and my house!

My mum is in the kitchen. In our kitchen, there is a table and four chairs.

My dad is in the bedroom. There is a bed in the bedroom.

There are flowers on our balcony.

My grandpa is in the garden.

My grandma is in the living room. There are a sofa, an armchair and two lamps in our living  room.

The happy classroom

I can see a classroom. I can see two desks, two chairs and two books. Also I can see a teacher writing on the board and two children, a boy and a girl. There is a small mat next to teacher’s desk. On teacher’s desk there are a vase with flowers, a bag and a pencil. Also there is a bookcase with a lot of books near the door.

My favorite anime character

Hi I am Hermes.My favorite anime character is Deku from My Hero Academia.Deku is very strong and he has the best power in the world (ONE FOR ALL).This anime has also ather characters (Shoto, Katsuki, Kaminari, Krisima, Mineta, Ida, Uraraka, Momo and more), but the main character is Deku.Of course Deku has his enemies (Dabi,Toga,Sigaraki and more) and the main vilan is All for one.Deku is very cool and I like him so much.I highly recomend this anime.

My house my family.

My mum’s name is Effie. She is in the kitchen. There is a table and two chairs in our kitchen.

My dad’s name is Panagiotis. He is in the bedroom. There is a bed in his bedroom.

In class

This is a class in the class in 2 kids and  teacher 1 bookcead in 18 books  and 2 bags 1 pensil,1 racet and 1 ball and 1 carpet.


Although I do not like science fiction movies, I recently saw a movie called Transformers. It is a film that was first shown in 2007. It is about robots that transform into cars, planes and much more. Their purpose is to destroy a city by demolishing buildings and setting fires.

*camping with family*

One day a family decided to go camping with Paul and Lily at first they ate then they played with their dog while their dad and mom were sleeping the ball went into the sea but it was good that he was a fisherman and returned

My favourite artist

I like a lot of artists, but I prefer listening to the music of Michalis Chatzigiannis. He was born in Nicosia on 5th November 1978. He sings, he composes and he writes lyrics. He studied music in the National Music Academy of Cyprus and he graduated from Music Academy of London with piano diploma, guitar degree and higher theoretical courses. Michalis Chatzigiannis released his first personal album with title “Strange celebration”, March of 2000. His next albums, “Secret Kiss” on 2002 and “Adult-oriented Scenes” on 2004, became triple platinum. He sings a lot of good songs, like “Pio Poli”, “Cheria Psila”, “Vale Ena Kafe” and others. The second one is also my favourite song. He recently sang “Eimai Mono Enas Andras”, “Chorevo” and “Min Argeis”.

A day in the shcool

I can see a school and a playground.There are a boy,a girl and a teacher.The boy is playing football and a girls are playing volleyball.The school is big with many windows.Around the school there are many trees.There is bike and a wooden busket with a basketball and a volleyball.

A picnic near the lake.

I can see a family in the forest.A dad.a mum and tow children.A boy with black hair and a girl with brawn hair.They are playing football.The dad is fishing in the lake and mum is drinking coffee sitting on the grass.There is a carpet on the grass,a berger and a bag with a lot of toys.Behind the girl there is a robot.It is a shiny day

KEDU English School