Day: 4 February 2021

My favourite film star!!!

Hi bloggers today I will talk about my favourite film star, Helen Bonham Carter, she plays in a lot of films like Harry potter 5,6,7 part1 and part2, Charlie and the chocolate factory, cimderela and Alice in Wonderlland.* She plays very good and I am her a big fan she wears on films accordingly her roll. My favourite film where she plays is Harry Potter. She works a lot but she must to be strong.







*This are films where I know

Crowdfunding Projects

Crowdfunding project is the practice of raising money for a new playground and other things that its community members build for the public by getting a large number of people to finance it via Internet platforms.

In this fact this project have one hundred percent reaching its fund raising targets online.Also the project have multiple donations. People have already raised money to build a new playground for the adults and children that want to play or walk in a different place. However with this initiatives the crowdfunding project giving privileges to people to make the free space of their neighborhood useful.

So in my personal opinion this project is pervasive because all this initiatives are supporting a lot of poor families and some children finding places to play with their friends. I will join the crowdfunding project to support this people to raise money for the good of the public.

My favourite sandwich

There are some eggs in my favourite sandwich. There are some tomatoes, some carrots and a lot of crisps in my sandwich. There isn’t any fish, chicken or onions in the sandwich.

Nowadays problem

How many problems do you think that exist in our world? They are infinitive problems our world has to deal with these days.  Our world has to deal with climate crisis and clean energy, education for development, environmental and corporate sustainability, global public health, human rights and access to justice, marine conservation, social economic development and wildlife conservation. But the most important problem out Earth has to deal with is a deadly virus called Corona virus or how scientists called it, Covid-19. They are two sides. The first one believes that this virus is true but others don’t.


The first side is people who believe that this situation is real and it is not imaginary. These people are taking care of themselves and their loved ones in order not to get sick and maybe lose their life. They don’t violate the protection rules, they are always wearing their mask, although they can’t breathe well underneath it, they are washing very well their hands, they are using hand sanitizer and the most sovereign is that they are keeping distance from high risk people, although they don’t want to.


In the other hand, we have people who don’t believe that the virus is real. They believe that it is in our mind. Although they want to take care of their family, they don’t observe the rules. They are not wearing a mask, they don’t use hand sanitizer, they don’t wash well their hands and also they don’t keep distance from other people. Sometimes, they make demonstrations in order to convince people that the virus is imaginary.


In my point of view, I think that this deadly virus exists and sadly is taking away innocent lives. I protect myself and my loved ones. I always follow the protection rules in order not to get sick with Covid-19. I fully understand people who don’t believe that the virus is real because I think that they can’t think clearly and take more serious decision.


To sum up, they are two sides about this problem. The only thing that mustn’t change is that we have to follow the protection rules in order to be everyone healthy. After all, who are we without rules?

How education changed throughout the years

As a society we’re witnessing a blistering pace of development that’s rapidly changing the way that we live in all spheres of life. Whether positive or negative,   this is our changing world. For example nowadays education has changed a lot in contrast to earlier years.

Then education wasn’t so developed like it is today. For example then people believed that children have to learn and behave well by hitting them.  Also then they only learnt things from their books without examples and things to facilitate and understand easily the lesson.  Furthermore then the children only learn about Mathematics, reading and writing without all the interesting lessons we have today. Lastly, in the earlier years children used to wear uniforms and not regular clothes that we wear every day.

Nowadays the teaching method has changed. Now the purpose of today’s school is the autonomy of the child, while then one child is not an independent existence but an object who must obey the instructions of his teacher. Today, also the children learn new knowledge with the help of examples, something that then didn’t happen. In addition today the teachers aren’t so strict and care about the children and how they feel.  Finally, today we have the computers that help the children with a lot more examples understand better their lessons.

After all, to my point of view education has developed a lot. But to be more specific education changed the same as ourselves.

This Christmas

This year we had to celebrate Christmas while we were in a quarantine because of the deadly virus. It is very different from last year but I’m sure that it has its pros and cons.

Last year we used to go last minute shopping in order to buy a Christmas tree, ornaments, presents and provisions to make the turkey and the pudding. On the Christmas Eve children were on the road singing carols, wishing Merry Christmas to strangers. Last year, almost every day from 24th on December until the 1st of January we used be in a rush and visiting different homes each day to dinner with them and spending happy moments together.

This year was a bit different. We were in quarantine so we couldn’t do all these amazing acts together. We decorated last year’s tree with last year’s ornaments. We listened to Christmas carols with the help of YouTube. This year we didn’t had the opportunity to go to the mall to buy presents but we ordered them online. And lastly, we couldn’t go out to see our friends and spend some time together but we managed it and spend some time by video chatting in front of a screen.

This year also did a lot of goods. We couldn’t go out so we had to spend some time inside with our family or our roommates. So we had the opportunity to spend time together and get to know each other better. We also got to know ourselves better and recognize aspects of our character. We’ve learnt to be more patient and react calmer than before Corona virus.

To sum up, 2020 was tougher than every other year and staying inside these holy days didn’t do us any good. It is something we can’t avoid. But we will get stronger and stronger every day. Happy holidays without quarantine are coming.

Why do we need fashion nowadays?

Nowadays fashion is important to a lot of people at least to some extent. From those who take a lot of time in front of their wardrobe trying to find what to wear or what suits them the best to those who wear nice jeans with a crop-top and  own beautiful expensive designer suits. Each one of them has their personal style. But why people follow fashion and what crash can have on their personality?

Arguably, one magnate who influences what people will wear is because they need to impress others and have all the regard on them. This people who care about their external appearance seem to be more noticeable than those who are not really interested in this topic. For this reason, a lot of people wear trending clothes to receive an identity in which they believe that they impress. Still, by copying universal looks, people indeed repress their originality, which leads to a qualmish or subliminal suppression of their personality.

At the same time, fashion is perceived by some as a helpful instrument for success and one signify wealth or authority. As an example, people intentionally try to raise their status by wearing trending clothes, famous and expensive brands which are admired by others. These clothes aren’t actually helping by giving a personal statement of the wearer as they are just the means to promote a specific power and control. In this case, fashion does not express personal individuality but perhaps can give a wrong sensation of appearance for a specific aim.

Now that I said that, when you follow fashion you know that it is not about copying trends but it is about to give inspiration to create your own outfits and express yourself through them.

Having consider all that, to my point of view, fashion can help us to communicate with the people around you. As a famous designer once said, ‘’Fashion is instant language’’.

My favorite food

My favorite food is pizza.I like pizza because it has many flavors.when I go to eat outside usually i eat pizza but I dont eat everyday because it’s not healthy.

My favourite singer

Hi! I’m Maritina my favourite singer is Ariana Grande. She lives in American. She is 27 years old. She was born in Boca Raton in Florida. She has got brown hair and long. She has got brown eyes. My favourite song is Next thank you. I like the singer because I like her songs and I dance when I listen to these songs.

My sandwich!!!

There   are   some   eggs    in   my   sandwich. There are some tomatoes and crisps. There isn’t any onions.There is a lot of cheese. My sandwich is tasty!!!



“REAL STEEL 2″is my favourite movie with robots, because it’s amazing adventure and contains various challenges!The main actor of the film are;Charles Kenton(Hu Jackman), Evangeline Lili, Max Kenton(Dakota Doyo), Finn(Anthony Mackie), Riki(Kevin Durand) and Aunt Debra(Hope Davis).In the plot of the story, Chalrles with Evangeline were separated and had made a child ago.Every summer, Charles takes the kid with him.All the years, Charles was engaged making robots and he put them in wrestling matches, but he was not so good and the kid help him to made a very good robot, and to takes place in big bets.

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