Month: January 2021

My holiday

Hi readers !Thanks you for your comments  i’m glad to your comments !Really  enjoyed the trip here in Spain fortunately i will stay 2 weeks to see the sights of the  city .When  i got home from school ,i fought out my parent’s  i was excited  we went and visited all the  museum . Were’s leaving i left  and went for walk alone  and returned to the hotel room.I lovet his place would love to come .Wat are you doing this summer ; come here in spaise.

My favourite film star!!!

My favourite film star is Vaso Laskaraki.

She plays in drama films and fanny films.

She wears only beautiful clothes,has brown hair and brown  eyes.

She is the best film star for me!



A summer holiday

  Hi readers!Thank you for comments in my last blog entry.I really enjoyed about a surprise for me.Today I’ve got some fantastic news to you.

  When I got home from school,I found out that my parents with our suitcase and with a big car.We will go to Spain for two weeks.We will leaving at 2nd August and I can’t wait!!!

   During our holiday,we will stay on a luxxurious hotel with pool and a big garden.We will going for visit museums and see art galleries.We will go to the beaches too.I love swimming it the beaches.

    I fell happy and I can’t stopbeing so happy!What are you doing in this summer holiday?I would love for my friends to come with me.

    Please leave a comment below.Bye for now!!!

                                                                                                                              ARHONTIA DOUKARELLI

My favourite singer

Hi  my name is Victoria and today I want to talk you about my favourite singer.So his name is travis Scott and he is 30 years old. He lives in America.The type of his songs is rap.His best songs are Sicko Mode , Highest in the room and Butterfly Effect. I like this singer because his songs are really great and relaxing.One of the reasons who I chose this singer are because he did a concert on the fortnite 9 months ago and he sings awesome.


My favourite dish.



My favourite dish nuggets with fresh fries.

It fantastic dish .I love it became   my favourite food is meat .It’s a great lunch

Miked with chiken   and   potatoes. I love this dish.  See you!

By Zoe K


Sometimes we like to watch movies at home because we need relaxing. Especially now that we are in quarantine we cant go to the cinema so we watch movies at home.But it isn’t always positive. Now we go to tell the disadvantages and advantages.

First to watching movies at home it is more comfortable and relaxing than watching at cinema.At home, your whole family can watch the movie so you can spend time together. In addition, you can stop the movie as many times as you want and also it is free.

But at home you see the movie on a small screen with the result that your eyes hurt.The sound is not as good as at the cinema. Inside the house you can’t have fun as at the cinema.

Finally watching movies at home has advantages and disadvantages.

The Monster House (Movie Review)!!!

This movie is called the Monster House. It’s about a young boy, D.J., who lives near a house, Mr. Nebbercracker’s house which, according to the story, is haunted. Mr. Nebbercracker scares away every kid who walks on his yard. One day, D.J.’s friend loses his basketball on Mr. Nebbercracker’s yard. D.J. decides to  go and get his friend’s basketball. But the consequences are bad… Will they finally manage to escape from Mr. Nebbercracker’s house?

My PC(computer)

Hey guys

Today I told you about my PC(computer).If you like it like this post!

First I told you about my keyboard.My keyboard has lights on color green,blue,purple,a little pink and red.This keyboard is cool and very good.Now I told you about my mouse.First of all my mouse has lights too but it change every 5 seconds and its Alcatroz mark but for a so good mouse it cost 17 dollars so go by it fast.Also for my mouse I have a mouse pad that cost 5 dollars and it was Havic mark, also it was on medium size.Last I told you about my computer that it was not so good but this can be so good with new cards ROM RAM and others.

If you read that leave a comment bye and thanks for reading.


My favorite robot movie

My favorite robot movie is Real Steel.This movie an science fiction and it stars Hugh Jackman,Dakota Goyo as Max Kentont, Atom and Zeus.In this film Max and his dad (Hugh Jackan) go a robot fight cup whith their robot Atom to win the cup and Atom be the champion.This science fiction film has a clever plot and it has real robots.I highly recomend this movie.It is very interesting.

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