Day: 22 November 2020


My Book Review

Who wrote this book
Published by Malliaris education.

What is this book about?
Troy is the epic historical film made in 2004, wich is about the Trojan war. The battles between the Greek army against the army of the king of troy ,Priam, After his youngest son Paris grabbed his beautiful wife of king Menelaus, Queen Helen, from Sparta. After that king Menelaus with the most famous kings of Greece crusaded. Against troy, to bring the queen buck. After 11 years of war the Greeks suceeded to win the war using the gigantic wooden horse that odysseus were hiding inside the hose, so st night they opened the ciry gates allowing their army eutrance and distoy the city of troy.

My Favourite part
This is a good film to see ,it’s an adventure. I like the costums and the music. I like Brad Pitt in the main role of Achilles. The real wooden horse was used in the film , now is on the molin wad of the Turkish town Camakkale, wich is very near to ancient Troy. It’s one of the singhtseeings of the town ,as the other findigs of Troy.

How many stars?
I give this book 5 Stars

Do you recommend this book?
The only thing i don’t likr watching the film is that thaey have changed the plot of the myth. I wish the script was closer to the myth of Achille’s death.

The end!



Name is Elisa

I have dark brown hair and brown eyes.

My favourite colour is purple.

I’m tall and honest.

My favourite sports are volley and football.

I’m from Albania and Greece.














My day

Today I woke up at nine o’clock, ate breakfast and watch TV. At ten o’clock I went to the park and there was a big fluffy black dog. When five minutes past I went to our garden and help my dad while my mom was making dinner. At eleven o’clock we went back home to rest and at one o’clock we ate dinner. I didn’t sleep but my parents did. At three o’clock I played with my dog Cookie and because I was so tired I stopped and drink some water. At five o’clock I did my homework, so when I finished I had time to play. At seven o’clock I played with my phone and at eight o’clock I ate a sandwich. When nine o’clock comes I will take a shower, brush my teeth, wash my face and put on my pyjamas. At ten o’clock I will go into my bed and sleep. Today was a beautiful day and I hope that every day is a beautiful day like today.

My house

Dear Stella,

I want to tell you about my house. Well, my house is small. It has two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. Also, it has four balconies, a garden and a garage. I love my house!

With love,

your friend Dimitra!

An email about a sport event

From: Maritina

To: Mirsini

Subject: Sports event

Hi Mirsini!

How are you doing? I’ve just returned from a school event. Its name is “Basketball

Tournament” and it takes place every September in our school playground.

All schools had a basketball team. Our school competed with other schools. I played

on the team. We won the first medal and I felt excited!

We all felt proud because it was a great day! What about your school?

Write back soon,


A special sports event

From: Victoria

To: Claire

Subject: A special sports event

Hi Claire

How are you doing? I’ve just come back from an amazing school event! We call it a special sports event and it takes place every August in the field next to the school. There we play volleyball and basketball. For each game, one team wins and takes a gold medal. I’m very proud of my team because last year we won the gold medal for volleyball! After, there was soft drinks and food for everyone. I feel very happy about this event. Do you have anything similar at your school?

Write back soon,


Sunday at the scary volcano

Hello, my name is Sylia and I live in a hotel with my mum and my dad. On Sunday we thought a good idea to visit a volcanic, When we got to the volcano it started to smoke and we were scared because the lava was running to above as. we are never going to be in that place again!


Once upon a time, a group of three friends went on a camping trip to a forest. A girl named Coraline decided they had to sleep there because the forest was so dark, the others said that there was no problem because it was going to be darker and scarier if they slept there. Coraline started to argue with them and then they agreed to sleep in the forest. At about 03:15 am the two girls of the group named Kate and Sara woke up at a girl singing, they saw that Coraline was not there, the voice was coming from the dark forest. She followed the voice and she saw Coraline singing and looking at nothing….then she turned to look at Kate that was the first girl that didn’t want to stay in the forest with a scary look and said ”Look she didn’t want us to stay here, she didn’t want me to see you” and then looked back where she was first looking and kept singing. Kate was scared of Coraline’s look and of what she said and started running back with Sara to the tent and tried to find their phones to call the police. They were shocked when they heard the singing out of the tent. Coraline said ”here there are ” and got in the tent and again with a creepy look, looked at them and said ”What are you girls doing come with me, come to meet my friend”. The girls asked her which friend and she got out of the tent and started crying and saying, ”come, she is going to kill me, come please…come” then she got a rock and started hitting her head as hard as she could while singing the same song. The girls started screaming, Coraline looked at the girls that were screaming and running and said ”she is going to be with you forever, u didn’t meet her…” and then died. Her friends after that day every night at 03:14 am hear the same song…

Paleontology With Penelope

My Book Review

Who wrote this book
Francesca Morgan- Tomascik.

What is this book about?
This book tells us about a girl Penelope, who loves to go explore and look for special treasures called fossils. That is, she is a paleontologist.

My Favourite part
What I liked most was how it dug up a fossil. Fragments should not be spoiled for that, they use tools like picks, brushes and even tools that dentists use!!

How many stars?
I give this book 5 Stars

Do you recommend this book?
I recommend this book for people who like paleontology and the history of dinosaurs

The end!

Seashell hockey

Seashell hockey   

We play it outdoors on the beach. I play it with a number of 20 players in each team. We play this game for 20 minutes and we have to collect as many shells as we can. The player who collects the most wins. The game is played with sticks for help!


The most adventurous day of my life

 One day my friends called me to ask if I wanted to  go on a trip to Santorini with them tomorrow afternoon.                                                                                                 The next day we took the ship and went to Santorini,then we took the bus and went to see the most beautiful places of the island.The first place who we went was the active volcano.                                                                                                      The time who we reather to the top my friend told us the volcano was about to erupt. We start run  straight down and we got the first bus to leave.                                                     We felt extremely realived as we drove away.