Day: 16 November 2020

Global warming

Global warming is one of the most serious problems in the world in our times. The main reason for it is the large quantities of CO2 in the atmosphere from factories and cars and the tones of rubbish in the lands and the oceans.

There are many problems which are caused by the global warming problem. Firstly, the CO2 in the atmosphere increases the temperate of earth and the ice of Antarctica and of the arctic is slowly melting, with the danger for a lot of cities to flood, and the (plastic and other) rubbishes and the wastes of factories end into the seas and oceans with the result the water to be rubbished and poison all the animals of the sea.

In order to be faced the global warming,  alternative energy sources must be used (solar panels, wind turbines and hydro-electrical energy) and electric cars, we must recycle and the rubbishes must be managed, correctly.

We must be interested in global warming and we must be careful not rubbish the environment.


My dream house is a two storey house. Its hasa beautiful colourful garden with flowers and a big pool, the outside colour is white with black windows and potplants. With a big front door too. On the first floor there is a kitchen, a dining room, a small bathroom and a living room with a big fireplace and a big TV 📺.  Also there is a guest room with another bathroom. Upstairs  there are 5 bedrooms,  2 bathrooms and  also a small office. There are balconies all around the house too. I love my dream house and one day I’m gonna move in it !!!

My favourite sport

My  favourite  sport  is  basketball.  There  are five  player  in  a   basketball  team.We  can  play  basket  ball  with  a  speciall  ball  and  basket.  I  can  play   basketball  really  well.

my house

My house is big and between it uncle’s house and grandparent’s house.It has got three bedroom’s,a bathroom, a kitchen,a big living room and a dining room.There are two balconies and have a view of  our gardens.Thats my house.


My communication style

All the people have a communication style and with this they express their feelings, ideas, concepts or thoughts. So my style involve a lot of features. I am expressive because if I am happy,sad, angry the other people can understand my feelings. I am spontaneous, visionary because I have many targets in my life that I want to succeed. Also I could say that I am amiable because I am relationship orientated and I like to be with my friends because this way my mood becoming better. Another feature that I believe that suits to my style is driver. The reason is that if I speak with somebody I am risk talking and I am not afraid to express my opinion about something.Also I am decisive because I choose easily about many things.

A story

Last November my family and I woke up at seven o’clock. We had our breakfast after a while told us we would go an excursion near a volcano. When we got there we stood to look the beautiful view of a volcano. We had our picnic and later decided to climb up the volcano. As we were walking up to the volcano began to erupt. We quickly ran out down to the car to save ourselves. We all got to the car to save ourselves and we felt extremely relieved as we drove away!!!

The scary falls

Well, in 1968, lived in a small wooden house in a beautiful quiet village in Canada, four children with their grandmother. One day in school, when they did theatrical education and their teacher read a book, she said for a god, Heno, who live next to Niagara Falls.The book for Heno said that if you go to do harm in animals and plants around from the lake before the waterfall, the god will attack you with his animals and  the fire, the wind and the water. But, the childrens didn’t believe in that and they tried to go there. The next day, the three boys went to their sister to told her to went there but she scaried and they decided to went alone, without to ask their grandmoter. One boy from they was very lively and he climbed on a tree to went near the lake. As in all, the god harmed he and his brothers, throwing them in dangerous waters. When someone tried to found them and he didn’t know the story, died.

What’s your communication style?

Success in all areas of life depends substantially on our communication skills. Being aware of how you and others communicate and adjusting your communication style accordingly leads to effective communication. So they are four styles called analytical, expressive, amiable and driver. In analytical communication style we usually classify people who their main characteristics are that they are fact-orientated, data-driven, methodical and perfectionist. People are in expressive communication style when they are idea-originated, spontaneous, visionary and impulsive. Also in amiable communication style are people who are relationship-orientated, diplomatic, empathetic and submissive. Lastly we have the driver communication style in which we enlist people who are results-orientated, risk-taking, decisive & forthright and dominating. So I can find myself in three of these styles. In analytical because always I have to be perfect and justify my words with real facts. Also I believe that I belong to expressive communication style because I must say that most of the times I am a very visionary and idea-orientated person. At the end, people who are more sensitive that the others like I am appertain in amiable communication style. After all, who are we without knowing our communication style and then our character?

Formal letter

Dear Sir, Madam

I am writing in order to inform you that due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to attend the interview. I unfortunately had a car accident on my way to your office. Now that I said that, I would like to reschedule the interview so I can personally apologize as I just realized that this opportunity is valuable as your time. I can’t apologize enough for any inconvenience that I caused.

Once again, I am truly sorry, and thank you so much for your kind consideration.

Now that I said that, I hope this unfortunate incident will not negatively impact your hiring decision. As my qualifications were high enough worthiness for the board to recommend a second interview, I hope you will allow me the chance to make your acquaintance and justify their recommendation. If it is not possible to rearrange the meeting, I completely understand, and I hope this occurrence will not reflect negatively on me for any future openings that will accrue.

Please accept my sincere apologies for being unable to attend my follow-up interview with you yesterday morning for the Office Manager position at Water Price Industries. I hope I have been of some assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Dorothy Koumara

I don’t like donkeys any more!

Last Saturday, I was walking around the narrow streets of my village, Agiasos, with my family. After a lot of hours of walking, we decided to go to a café. I was very excited becaue I had just bought a backpack with a picture of some melt chocolate on it! So, as I was ordering the waiter to bring me a cup of hot tea, I saw a donkey walking and I wanted to pet it, so I went near it. 

As I was petting it, its eyes shone brightly all of a sudden. It started running because it wanted to catch me but I didn’t know the reason. I was very frightened of the donkey because it seemed determined about what he was doing an I thought that it wanted to kill me so I had to run fast. But I couldn’t do that because I was exhausted from the walking before. I had to think of where to go while my parents were shouting to me something but I couldn’t hear them beause of my anxiety.

I was jumping from table to table to get away but finally I slipped and broke my leg. But how could I know that the donkey thought that the picture on my backpack was real and he craved the chocolate!

Fortunately, now I am ok but I have ended up to one conclusion: I don’t like donkeys any more!!!