Day: 14 November 2020

My Dream House

         My dream house is very modern. It has got a hall, a living room/kitchen, a bedroom, a library, a secret basement, and a little garden. It is located near a village in the middle of a forest.

My dream house 😀😀😀

My dream house is huge, with yellow walls and a lot of windows. It has three floors and one floor with a pool to swim in the winter. It has ten rooms. Three bathrooms, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a  living room, an attic and a library with a big collection of books. My dream house has a huge garden with a treehouse. There is also an outdoor gym fully equipped to train every day. I will also have two dogs to complete my dream house. My dream house is the best in the world!!!


Last summer, my family and I decided to visit Michalis’ donkey farm in Molyvos. Mr Michalis is a friend of my grandfather and a regular client at my uncle’s café. So he invited us to visit his farm where some lovely donkeys live. He and his team use to organize some donkey tracks, into the mountains, among the beautiful nature of Lesvos. Also .along the coast by the amazing sunset.

We arrived early in the morning. The little donkeys were energetic and spry. Everyone had their own name. So we met Clara, Annabel and Poppy. Poppy was my sister favourite. We offered them some carrots we had bought the last day for them.

After that, we started a ride along some hidden trails that our friend Michalis knew very well. It was a beautiful experience, so peaceful and relaxable we had a lot of fun and we took many photos.

At the end of the day, we enjoyed a barbeque by the coasts, as the sun was setting over the horizon.


    • A Musical is a type of theater that includes songs, dialogues (prose) and dance. It is a way of telling a story and
      expressing its emotional content, ie humor, passion, love, anger and much more.
      There are many musicals that get their idea from works or cartoons.
    • Musicals have become famous mainly from the big theaters and the high budgets of the West End of London and Broadway of New York.
    •  In recent years, the art of musicals has begun to become increasingly popular in Greece. More and more Greek artists choose to deal with this genre. In fact, a Musical is a fairly familiar art form for Greeks, as it was the most popular film genre in Greece in the ’60s.
    • So I started this kind of theater when I was 7 years old. My teacher was Sia Koskina. She had studied in London for three years and was awarded a scholarship to the Urdang Academy of Performing Arts in the West End, with dance, song and acting lessons. She graduated with a degree in Musical Theater and much more, such as giving her voice to the character Barbie for many years. In 2010 she directed the first professional school of musical theater in Greece “School Of Professional Musical Theater Performance”, where she teaches with the established teaching method “P.M.T.P. method by Sia Koskina”. I had also studied at this school for over 4 years.
    • Thanks to this woman and a contest I managed to do my first dubbing in the Disney series (Elena of Avalor)
      Every year we organized a play with the musical group in well-known theaters in Athens.
    • I miss all this because there is no music school here. But I have promised that as soon as I grow up and go to Athens to study, I will finish my studies in music!