Day: 9 November 2020

Fake Witch

Fake Witch

  Once upon a time in the forest lived an evil witch in a big and scary house. One day two kids went for witch hoyse for trick or treat, When kids went the knocked on the door witch open the door:

-Trick or treat choose!

  The kids were so scared and after about two minutes:

-You are a real witch?

-No, I am disguised witch to scared you, haha you are so scared!!!

-You are a fake witch, ok we want to make farce to you.

  The kids left this house and went to buy things to make a farce on the house of a fake witch. They buy paper, eggs, spray foam and more thinks and they went to the house of a fake witch. When they went it is night and start to work the farce. They threw the eggs in the windows, threw the paper on the roof and when the man who had become a witch came out, the foam was thrown out and he was sprayed. And kids said:

-Happy Halloween


As soon as Peter reached the hotel, he knew something was wrong…

As soon as Peter reached the hotel, he knew that something was wrong. Peter looked in his backpack to find his passport, but it wasn’t there! He arrived in London that morning and he tried to check in to his hotel. The receptionist asked for his passport. Seeing it was missing he started to panic.
Peter searched for his backpack pockets. Certainly, he had, had it at the airport that morning as he went through passport control. Maybe he lost it when he was having breakfast with his friends at that cosy cafe down the street with the huge and colourful stand which was full of all the newspaper sellers and everyday magazines .” I’ll be back in a couple of minutes ” said to the receptionist.
Peter ran down the street to the cafe. Unfortunately, there was no sign of his passport. Then he reminded me that he changed some traveller’s cheques earlier that morning. Running on down to the bank he breathlessly made his way straight to the cashier. Before Peter could say a single word, he reached inside a drawer and handed his passport for him.
” You forgot to take it with you” he said with a big smile. Peter couldn’t believe his luck. He felt really grateful to the young man for saving him from this terrible disaster!

My dream house 🏡🏡🏡

My dream house is very big. It has got three floors. The house has got a very big bedroom with a lot of toys. There is a big bed too . Also two big offices with two chairs and two sofas. Downstairs it has got a big kitchen with a lot of things. My Dream house has two big living rooms with a huge TV & video games!!

I love my dream house 🏡🏡🏡

The Incredibles

My Book Review

Who wrote this book
Helen Parker.

What is this book about?
The Incredibles are a family of superheroes.
Mr Incredible is a very strong and very smart. Elastic girl is Mr Incredibles wife, she can  change the shape of her body. They have three children. Violet their daugher, can become invisible and make force fields. Dash their son,can run super fast and baby Jack-Jack is normal or that’s what the family thought , but people do not want superheroes anymore. Bob gets a normal boring job. One day he gets a message that he must stop the Omnidroid that Syndrome made,
but who is Synndrome and what does he want to do with that Robot!!

My Favourite part
The family saved the city and people loved them again.

How many stars?
I give this book 5 Stars

Do you recommend this book?
it was adventurous

The end!

My bike

My bike is BMX bmx bike is a bike that no one trick is black with gold has a black frame use weels and have afew stickes.

A Story

As soon as Peter reached the hotel he knew something was wrong.He heard voices and his room was mess.He believed that somebody stole his unique and personal things.

He was scared.He called the police but nobody answered him.He thought about how to react.Then he had an idea.He would hit the theves.

He took glasses,bottles and he hit them.He thought he had injured them a little and so he would save some time to call the police. Suddenly one of thieves hit him.Then the police came to the hotel and they caught them

When it was all overand it went well and he,went to a cafe with his friends.He went to newspaper seller to buy paper to write all the memories from that day



So you have prepared for the spookiest night of the year with festive Halloween decorations creative Halloween costumes and all the carved pumkins you can imagine. When it comes to chowing down on October 31, thougt everyone knows theres nothing more essential to a great Halloween party than tasty appetizerw and figer foods-especially if they double as frightening and festive doctor !!!

My favorite game

My favourite game is Minecraft.

Minecraft is one cool game with players.

there are villagers , villages, animals and monsters.

I love this game

Because it’s cool😎

It’s not 🙅  easy

And scary. 😲😨👻

My dream house

My dream house is beautiful.It is on a mountain and it has a great view of the sea, it has a big garden full of colourful flowers and wonderful trees.My bedroom is huge and it has a big balcony too.The kitchen has small windows and the living room has two sofas where I spend time with my family or my friends .

Solar system

My book is about the solar system, the planets and the order of these planets from the sun. Also mentions the sattelite, robots which go to other planets and its names. This book talks about the stars, the stevoids, space crafts and percony. I give this book five stars because it gives details and help me understand and learn more about the planets.

MY DREAM HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🏘🏘🏘🏡

My house has three floor . On the first floor there is a big kichen and a bathroom . On the second floor there is a huge living room and many bedrooms . On he third floor  there is a another big bedroom with beds for dogs . In the garden there are many trees and flowers . I play with my friends and dogs my favourite games in the garden . My  dream house has nice bright colours insise .  It is made of stone and is very modern . The best part of the house is the pool . I can swim whenever . I want and my  friends and I can have lots of fun .


The lost camera

Ken looked in his backpack to find his camera, but it wasn’t there. It was early in the afternoon and he had arrived in France that morning and he wanted to take some photos of the Eiffer Tower. Realising that his camera was missing, he began to panic.

Ken searched in his backpack frantically. Certainly, he had had it that morning when he took some photos at Disneyland. Maybe he had lost it when he was at that cosy café near the Seine River. Ken ran downhill to the café but there was no sign of his camera.

Suddenly, he remembered that he had taken some photos of some street ice cream makers in the square and after he had eaten an ice cream. He ran on down to the square and towards the street ice cream makers. At that moment ,the ice cream seller help up his camera.

“You forgot to take it with you”, he said with a pleasant smile. Ken couldn’t believe his luck. He felt truly grateful to the man. He was so glad that he had found his camera.