Day: 7 November 2020

A good person saved me

Ken looked in his backpack to find his camera, but it wasn’t there. He had arrived in Oslo early in the morning and he was looking for his camera to show the photos to his friend. He was at his friend’s apartment and they were having lunch. When he couldn’t find the camera he began to panic.

He searched his backpack many times. He remembered that he had taken some photos in the café where he was drinking his juice. He quickly went to the café but there was no sign of his camera.

Then he remembered that he had eaten ice cream and took a photo with the ice-cream seller. He ran to the park to find the seller. He saw that he wasn’t there and was disappointed. At that moment the ice-cream seller went to the park.

“I found your camera on the ground,” he said and disappeared. He was completely surprised to find his camera. He felt very pleased that the ice-cream seller was kind enough to hand back his camera

Can parents have a career?

Some people (like Ms Jenning) think that they cannot work in jobs that need a lot of hours when they have children. I believe that they must not leave their jobs and have a career.

Firstly, there are a lot of solutions to this issue. One solution for it is agreeing with their boss or chief to work more from home with Webex and other platforms (Because of the pandemic of covid-19, working from home has increased) and refuse the hours of their office work so that they will have more time to spend with their children.

Furthermore, they can continue going to their jobs the hours that the children are at their school and hours that their kids are in other activities. Also, parents can work at different hours each or grandfather and grandmother could stay with the children for some hours.

In conclusion, jobs are very important and it would not be good to quit them, overall.

Apple Annie🍎

My Book Review

Who wrote this book
The author of this book is Holly Hartman.

What is this book about?
This book is about a girl👧 who wants to make new friends. Her aunt helps her make some “apple” friends by carving faces into apples🍎🍎🍎.

My Favourite part
My favourite part is when the girl introduces her new friends, Apple Annie🍎 and Cinnamon Sam🍏.

How many stars?
I give this book 4 Stars

Do you recommend this book?
I think you should read this book because it had a funny story😀!

The end!

My email

        Hi   Melina,

I’m sorry I haven’t written to you since we finished school. I hope that you are ok. I have to tell you so many things. My new school is closed because of covid 19. All the pupils are very sad and I hope that we will go again to school.

What about you? What are you doing now? How is your school? Do you have new friends?

Bye for now.




Having hobbies is best for you. You can play football, play basketball, draw and do a lot of other things that interest you rather than lying in bed or sitting on the sofa. You get bored when you do not have anything to do.

We are all day attached to our mobile phones and computers. We check them when we eat, we scroll through social media as soon as we wake up and more. We spend our free time literally doing harm on ourselves.

By doing hobbies you can express your feelings by drawing, singing and dancing. There are hobbies like football, basketball and cycling that you can have fun, but also keep fit.

Start doing a hobby! You will never regret it. You are going to be happier, healthier and more energetic. It will change your life.


My house!!!

The house I made has 4 rooms. The first room is the living room there is a carpet, sofa, painting and coffee table. The second room is the bedroom there are 2 paintings, one wardrobe, carpet, bed and a bedside cabinet. The third room is the bathroom. It has a toilet, a washbasin with a mirror and a bath. The last room is the kitchen. There are a lot of cupboards, a cooker,  a fridge, a table with two chairs and a sink.