Day: 16 October 2020

My ideal neighborhood

My ideal neighborhood is place where there are big streets and tall skyscrapers. It has big houses with garden. It has a playground with a football pitch for boys who like football. My ideal neighborhood has buses and taxis next to the has a lot of libraries, many hospitals, a police station, a toyshop and a pet shop. The people in my neighborhood are polite and happy because they live in a safe neighborhood!!!

The name jar.

My Book Review

Who wrote this book
TXangsook Choi.

What is this book about?
A girl from korea 💙❤️. go to Europe . Her new classmate don’t like her a lot. ❤️ So the girl one day take a big jar and put inside names of her classmates!

My Favourite part
When the girl go to her new school ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍩

How many stars?
I give this book 4 Stars

Do you recommend this book?
It’s okay ❤️

The end!


Do you have stress? Do you want to do something that get away your angry? Have you try to do an activity to clear your mind or makes you stronger personality?

I do some activities that ,they are very helpful for me. I do taekwondo ,this helps me get away my angry and many times my stress! Also i play volleyball, at school and i think that i am good at it.

Activities with energy are really exciting ,but what about tha languages? The most of the people things that ,thay are boring but i like them so much!! They helps me be more confident!

I know that too many activities are tiring and some of them very boring, but not all of them , the most are helpful according to me opinion because they help me too!

The Pirate school

My Book Review

Who wrote this book
Mandy ross.

What is this book about?
This book is about a  boy-girl, Miss Crossbones, a Pirate and sheep.

My Favourite part
Tip top mow it’s time for the next lesson said Miss crossbones. how to rescue a pirate jack rescued Ella then Ella rescued jack

How many stars?
I give this book 5 Stars

Do you recommend this book?
I think you should read this book because it was great and it had a funny story

The end!


Thursday 13th October 2020


Student’s book page 17 exercise 9


Nobody can deny that travel changes our mind of thinking, makes us happier and broadens our mental horizons with useful information about the world and cultures. On the other hand, going trips and exploring the world with airplanes and cars, it can be very harmful for the environment.


In the first text, the writer says that the tourism population has raised and they travel more than in the last two decades. It also says that travel can change the way we are thinking and it help us to see the countries we are visiting with a different point of view. Obviously, if the visitors visit and travel, more and more economic benefits it will have the country.  In my personal experience and opinion is that travel makes us better and more out mind people and we get away from our every-day routine, which is very good for our health.


The second text, discusses about the bad impacts of tourism and the environmental issues that it makes. Without doubt, tourism in our days has been a serious source of pollution, due to the unhealthy ways of transportation like airplanes, ships, trains and the cars. Another problem which pollutes the country is the big groups of tourism. Why is that a problem? The problem is that they pollute the areas and they make more noisy the roads of the city.


The texts obviously views different reactions about the tourism. The way I see it, the two texts have an interesting point of view and the both of them are right but we stop traveling, the countries will have economic problems.

The free time

I like free time because we need free time, to rest and to do our favorite hobbies. For example we can do some activities. To do volleyball, basketball , dance and much more
l do Latin dance , I watch series and I play with my dog. I do dance because it relaxes me and takes me away from my daily routine. Nights I like to watch series because takes your mind off your problems.
My dog is happy every day and he wants play with me always . I love my dog and all dogs.
Free time is the time you want to rest and where you want to do your favourite things . We all have hobbies and we need them



My meeting speech

Good evening my dear colleaques.We are all here today to discuss some of the most serious problems of our company. To start with, I must say that a lot of our expences are extravagant. For example, the most sustained mistake of us is that we harm our land in order to make our products. So I believe that we have to use recycled stuff to help the enviroment and also to encourage our clients to be more eco-friendly. Secondly, we have to do something about a new cheaper smaller company which is starting to develop so our company is starting to decline. We have to clash them.  So I suggest having an offer so more people can afford them. Also we can make an adverb in order to flourish our company. In the end, I have to remunerate our colleaque for his sustained and always impeccable and we also we have to thank him because he wasn’t dormant when we needed him and helped us every time. Thank you for hearing me. We can continue our meeting now.