Day: 4 October 2020

My first job

My first job was a provisional one and I worked at a cafeteria. I learnt to be nimble and I work really hard. At the beginning I did not want to go but I ventured to it because my parents fostered me. In this period of my life, my family had very serious economic problems so I started to work because I wanted to help. My first time as a working person made me more experienced and stronger. Now I am undimmed and I live my life with my family without any financial problems.

Describe an interesting person you know or a person who makes you happy

The only person that I’m happy when I’m around her is my younger sister. Her name is Christine. She is 13 years old and we go to the same school. She is taller and also more beautiful than me. She has got long dark hair, an oval face and light skin. She is thin and her eyes are dark. Her mouth is thin and she has a straight nose. She is the person that makes me happy because she has a heart made of gold and she gives me the best advice. We do a lot of things together and we have so much fun. She is my positive influence and I love her so much and I will always love her.


Hi Nick

I want to tell you about my summer holidays. A month ago my parents and I wanted to spend our holidays to Maldives.

So this year it is high season for flights. In the beginning I thought about business class. But we decided to take economy class. When we arrived at the airport are pressed for time cause we had only twenty minutes. Maldives is a far – flung location and very famous.

Our flight was directed so I had time to kill. It was a nine hours flight. Fortunately the airline had flight meal so yeah we had food and it was impeccable. To my bad luck when we arrived to Maldives the airplane had a bumpy landing and all the people are overhelmed by this land.

Anyway so after a day we went to see the sea and other different places. This holidays is the best of my life.

Cultural programs

Cultural programs (like Erasmus) have the purpose to allow students to visit other countries and learn things about those countries.

A student who will want to go to another country , must  be speaking English very well and must be social and must like travelling  and learning information about History, the sights and the habits of people from other countries. Also, he should be clever and a good student in order to communicate with other people, very well.

At the end, the programs will have to choose the right student who wants to visit another country, very correctly and carefully.

My friend

My best friend is Eva. She’s at my school and my school is so cool. She’s of medium height and thin but strong. Her hair is brown. Eva is happy everyday. She is clever, energetic and cheerful but she is sometimes bossy. Every day Eva and I are never apart. I help Eva for everything. Eva and I are best friends. She is my best friend because she’s honest and she can keep a secret.

My favourite pet

My favourite pet is my dog. Her name is cookie and she is one year old. She is small with black eyes and black fur. She likes licking people and stuff. She is afraid of water and height. Her favourite food is bread, salami and dog food. Her favourite toy is a ball that makes a weird sound. She likes to chase cats and climb on tables. One day my mom made pasta but sadly my dog ate it I laugh too much guess she likes pasta now. I teach her how to sit, give her hand and jump. Sometimes she watches TV. At the summer I told her how to swim and she was doing great. She also has a best friend. Dogs aren’t allowed to eat sweets, onions, popcorn, chips, gum, avocado and many other things. They can only eat rice, carrots, fish, meat, broccoli, hot dogs, watermelon and many other things. We go to the park every day. At her birthday I got her a toy and she loved it. Sometimes she steals my food and I have no idea. She barks when she sees a stranger. When we play she runs really fast. Today she is watching TV and licking herself bye for now.