Day: 2 October 2020

Does magic truly exist?

     Roy T. Bennett the author of The Light in the Heart once said: ” Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles”. We hear the word “magic” in fairytales but does it truly exist? We have been brought up by watching the famous Harry Potter movies, movies well-known their creativity and how realistic their special effects look. Have you ever thought that it might be real? I’ve realised that if magic truly exists life could be so easy! We could be invisible or we could do spells all the time. We could even beat our enemies with just an ” Abra Kadabra”. See, in my heart, I’m already living with magic. You should too.

My building

My building is like a huge camel.The huge camel has two big legs ,a rectangular body and a neck.At its head ,there are two circular eyes that you can see the view. This building is used for work ,you can live in it, you can eat at the amazing restaurants and admire it.Continue reading

My dream job

My aspiration is to become a doctor. I would love that job because eventhough it’s famously known to be a difficult achievement, I think I have what it takes to become one. For example a doctor needs to be nimble and receptive so he can learn and understand quickly about new illnesses and find ways to cure them. Also doctors need to scrutinise the human body and anatomy, even the most subtle details! This dream of mine has been undimmed for almost ten years because of my parents,  who foster me. If I ever become a doctor my whole ideology would change but I would be very proud and appreciative of my job.

Best vacation ever

Last year me and my family decided to go on vacation. We were overexcited because we would go to a far flung location with a luxurious accommodation. The flight was amazing as we were in business class but we had a bumpy landing. Our destination was impeccable. Our hotel room had a panoramic view in which you could see a quaint village that we visited later. There we bought loads of souvenirs for unbeatable prices. In general we had the time of our lives and I hope we go back again.

My ideal dream job

Up til now, I don’t have any idea about what is my ideal job, but I firmly believe that I am too young to think of that.

The only thing that I know about this, is that I want something which is related to health. For example a doctor or a nurse. Jobs that are beyond my imagination. One thing is for sure, I cannot even imagine myself applying for jobs like a taxi driver, a flight attendant or a florist.

To become a doctor or a nurse you must read for hours so you can be able to go to university. When you pass to university you have to study many hours and be very careful because, if you don’t learn the material correctly and you make a mistake, first of all, it will cost a humans life and secondly you cannot get your degree. About the hours of that job, I already recognise that is a full-time job and sometimes I will have to work extra hours or there will be an emergency case, but that’s what the job I have chosen includes. Also, I will have a good salary and a really good status in the future.

In conclusion I an sensible, patient and I think I can deal with the conditions of my ideal job. After all, it is my dream job and also my purpose, and I am not going to give up for any reason.



I have a lot of hobbies but  one is  the most exciting.Skateboarding is the best it’s so energetic and a bit risky.I skate every day for two hours in my free time. I bought my own skateboard and tried to learn tricks that I ‘ve watched on YouTube. I’ve fallen down many times but it doesn’t hurt at all.I started skating a month ago my friend motivated me she had a skateboard and I asked her to try it  out. I liked it very much so I got hooked. Skateboarding is difficult you need to have very good balance and it’s hard to ride uphills. I want to be the best care in the world there is not one yet so maybe it could be me. Try it out and you won’t regret it but make sure you can balance!

My vacation to Hawaii

Last year I decided to go on a vacation to Hawaii. As an unwary traveller, I packed my suitcase and went earlier that I had to be at the airport so I had a lot of time to kill. Sadly my flight was delayed and all my plans to do in Hawaii when I arrive got cancelled. It was a long-haul flight so it took a lot of time. The flight attendants were very kind and they offered me an in-flight meal. I didn’t expect much since I was travelling with economy class but it was delicious.  Sadly, the landing was bumpy but everything was okay. When I got there I felt overexcited. There I took a taxi and went to a quaint village. Sadly, I forgot to book a hotel room to stay but I found a low-cost hostel with a beautiful panoramic view. Everything was impeccable but after two amazing weeks, I had to go back home. In conclusion, I believe that I had the time of my life and I would do it again and again.

My experience as a teacher

Last month I moved to a far-flung location to work provisional as a teacher at the local school. When I arrived I saw a very impoverished town, but the friendly people there made me feel comfortable by running to come and hug and meet me. Days went by and almost everyday I’ve had been learning things about their ideology , such as that they’re secular or that they believe in a philosophical theory that everything should be judged in relation to other things called relativism. But the most sovereign is that when I first went to the classroom all the kida of different ages were so kind to me. Also they were very receptive, nimble and trying their best to learn some knowledge. In the end of my first day as a teacher there, the kids told me that I’m the best teacher they ever had and they don’t wanna leave. So to sum up I believe that we all must give opportunities even in the most impoverished people because most of the times they have a heart made of gold.