Day: 3 September 2020

My last Easter

My last Easter was my favourite day of the year. I woke up early in the morning in Eresos. My mum,my sister and I went to the church. After that we went to our home to paint the eggs with my cousins my sister,my aunt and I. Then we played in the garden with ball. At noon we ate and slept.In the afternoon we played and we went to the church . After two hours we went to my ungle’s home,threw fireworks and ate eggs and soup. At night I slept at 2 o’clock. I won’t forget this day because my last Easter was my favourite day of the year!!!

My summer evenings

Now, that it’s summer, I am out the most of the times in the evenigs. If I’m not out I will be at volleyball practice or staying inside because all of my friends are busy. A typical evening would be that I would start getting ready to go out and meet up with my friends. First I would brush my teeth and do my skincare. After that I would pick my outfit, which is the hardest part. I usually take about 20 minutes to choose what to wear and then do my hair. When I am done , I go out and have some fun. I usually come back around 9 p.m. I enjoy my evenings and my daily routine. Hanging out with friends is important to me and summer is relaxing and free.