Month: September 2020

About me

Hi my name is Georgia and I’am 9 years old.

I have a sister. Her name is Chrisavgi.

I love listen to music and to play volleyball.

University is important. So don’t be left out!

Dear mayor

I am very sorry that the statistics show that people are not furthering their studies and I will tell you my opinion about that.

I believe that it is very important to go to the university because, first of all after all the years that you were at school you were trying to learn things to get good marks to go to the university and then find a good job that you will like and get money, so if you don’t go to the university there is no reason to ever go to school. Also, it will be very easy to find a good job to make money and to care for yourself and your future family

So for these reasons, I believe that it’s important and very helpful in your life to further your studies.

Yours faithfully


My e-friend

Hi! My name is George Nikellis and I’m from Lesvos, Greece. Lesvos is a beautiful island with many traditional villages. I’m 8 years old and I’m a student at Kenteris edu. I can play basketball very well. I like playing chess too. My favourite colour is blue.

My e-friend is Paraskevi and she is from Chios. Chios is an island near Lesvos. Her favourite colour is blue too and she likes roller skating. She is 10 years old and she can play tennis. We are classmates at Kenteris edu.

My building

My building is a skycraper in Canada.The name of the building is Savvas Company.My building is made of brick.The building have rectangular squares and circulars.In the buillding there are 12 offices because the people work there





I have many hobbies but my favourite hobby is volleyball.Volleyball is a diffcult sport to play but it helps me to forget my problems and my stress that I have with my lessons.

In volleyball I play in the position of passing the ball.It is a very difficult position beacause you must have a goal and you must be very smart to make perfect moves.Volleyball is playeed with a ball on the volleyball court which consists of 6 players…

I started playing volleyball because my best friend Dimitra told me that she would start and because I was very curious I said that I would try it.It was a very brave move for me because I had never played this sport before.When I went I loved it from the first minute and now I am still playing and I don’t intend to stop it!

I think that is the perfect hobby for me because is exciting and fast-moving sport.I can’t imagine my life without it!


The Rocket Building

The Rocket Building is one of the highest buildings and everyone knows it.

It has 54 floors with offices and a mall.

This building has a lot of windows.

It also looks like a rocket and its 137 meters tall this building is in the New York city of America

and people from all over the world come to see it.





My  building is a hotel.The hotel’s name is DREAM.

      It has three pools,a park and a big parking. My building

 has rectangular,triangular,scuar and round shapes.


Vostaneio is a very old Hospital in Mytilene cite . The family Vostani gave money to build the hospital is a church . Is a ver big building with three floor and has a beautiful garden with trees and flowers . Also next to the hospital is a chuch . There go sick people . The nurses and doctors are there to help people with their health probems evey day .

EVI 👱‍♀️

My ideal job



        For all the people there is a job which suits exactly with them, but not all can find it. For the reason, that they can not perceive that the ideal job is this you really love to to and not out of the need to cover the living expenses.

       As far as I am concerned, my ideal job I think is to be a french teacher. Although I am still quite young to chose it, I am really in love with the french language from the first world which I learned until now that I can speak quite well. Also, I believe that is an interesting job as I will be dealing with children and their training.

       Besides these reasons, this is a well-paid job, it has perks and I won’t work on holidays, something very significant about me. Furthermore, I think that I am qualified for the job as I am hardworking, efficient and most of times good-natured and patient with the others.

       To success this goal, I aim to study and to dedicated entirely on that when the time comes, but of course and now I should study and understand well the lesson. Although in conclusion, we should never be absolute for or with something, because the time passes and we will maybe change our minds…