Month: July 2020

The monastery in Pytheri

The monastery in Pytheri is a monastery close to Eresos. It is a old short building with a lot of picture of my god. On 15th August every year all my family go in Pytheri because it have a lot of colorful flowers and I like smell them. In the monastery I always the believe prayer too. When I went for first time in Pitheri I said “ this is the most wonderful monastery I had ever seen” and take a lot of photos the flowers. The monastery is beautiful because it has a lot of strange birds. Every year in Easter and in 15th August I visit this monastery!!!

My last christamas

My last Christmas was very cool. In 25th December in the morning I woke up at 9 o’clock. My sister and I started to open our presents from Santa Clause. Santa clause gave me a Bluetooth speaker and my sister gave an electronic clock. After that we went to the church with my grandparents. Then my grand mum made a cake for breakfast. At the noon my family, my grandparents, my uncle and I ate lunch. In the afternoon my sister and I went to my cousins to play with the walkie talkies. In the night my family and saw a Christmas movie.

I remember this day for my whole life!!!

Report: Fast Pulse Gym Improvements

This report presents the issues currently affecting member retention at FastPulse Gym and to provide the reasons people stop using gym facilities. In addition, this report will also suggest some improvements to the current amenities and outline how these changes would be affected.

First of all, not many changes have taken place since it opened in 2000. As a result, the equipment is old compared to what the members ask for. Secondly, seeing that the cost of the monthly membership has not changed like our competitors, seems to affect negatively our members and take their decision to cancel their membership. Furthermore, because of the small size of our studio, we have a limited variety of fitness classes. For these reasons, many users do not sign up, opting for other solutions at bigger venues. 

While FastPulse Gym has excellent staff and a large number of members, there is still room for improvement to improve the users’ experience and to keep the member we have. In relation to sports facilities, the idea of updated exercise machines is necessary. Another option is to expand the size of the studio,  in order to offer a wider variety of classes.

In summary, this report emphasizes the importance of improving the gym facilities and how this will help member retention. As we see, the old equipment, cost of membership, and the limited variety of classes have negative effects on the users. I would strongly recommend to focus on the improvement of exercise machines and doing some changes to the studio if at all possible. The improvements suggested would offer more opportunities for the members to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and make people renew or register again.


A special place for me

Hey Sam,


It’s my pleasure to help you. A special place for me is where scouts gather, it’s a near the docks or you can say next to the football field.


When you approach it, it looks like a small wooden cabin and a white container near ACS, surrounded by some green aluminium fences.


For me it doesn’t look like this, its two buildings fool of memories that will keep creating new ones. It’s a place that I can say that my life began. The reason that I’m saying that is because this place is where I met and made my best friends if I hadn’t decided to go to scouts I wouldn’t have met them and my life would have been a lot different without them right now.


With friendly love,


Is homeschooling better than school

Some parents teach their children at home rather than sending them to school. Having your parent as a teacher can be awkward, but also you will feel lonely because you won’t go to school so you cant make friends from there. Moreover, some people say that a parent won’t do the same job with a real teacher and sometimes this will make the lesson harder and slower than the one with a real teacher.


Besides, what is important in life is making friends and that is difficult in this situation. you see from school almost all the friends we have come from there, because of all the hours we spend every day with them. Being in your house alone rather at school can cost you a lot(as we see). You can also make friends from other activities but the kids there probably won’t accept that you’re not going to school.


the most important thing in the world you can say is you have a job. In our days you cant find a job without a college degree and you can’t have one unless you’ve finished college, but if you don’t go high school you can’t have a degree for college. So if you don’t go to school you don’t have a job.

My job application

Dear Sir/Madam


I am writing to apply for the position in your camp that was advertised in yesterdays collage News. I am interested in this job because I like to work with children.


I am twenty years old and I am studying to be a doctor, more specific a medical examiner. Also, I have a good command of English.


I have work experience in this area, when I was younger I went to scouts and I was in the same position as you have requested, and I know a lot about games and sports. I’m sure I’ll be good at this job because of my experience and because I’m creative, patient, energetic and always happy.


I’d like to attend an interview. I’ll be available any day you want at afternoons. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Stratos Kout

My favourite season

Summer is the hottest season of all and it is my favourite season. In this season I have my birthday. Summer is a season for relax because the school year begins in September.

In the Summer I play a lot of games with my friends and I swim in the sea. In the Summer I do a daily routine too: I woke up at 10 o’clock. I take my breakfast and watch some television. Then I play board games with my sister. At 2 o’ clock my family and I eat our lunch and sleep. In the afternoon my mother, my sister and I go to swim in the sea. After that we go to see my grandparents. At night I sleep at 11 o’ clock .

This is my daily routine.

I love the summer because the summer I have a lot of free time!!!


In the world of social media it is true that the relationship of young people with the book becomes problematic. There are so many challenges on the internet that the young person is unable to concentrate and focus on reading a book.                                           In particular, the young person moves away from the book because he focuses on constant browsing passionate conversations with friends or acquaintances (conversations, messages, images) making communication a means and not purpose.                             However there are also young people who, despite our technocratic era, consider book as a shelter from the fast pace of everyday life. This people use the books to broaden their knowledge and expand their horizon.                                                                     The role of the book in human life is very important because it is an open window to the whole world. With the book, the young man escapes the storm of the media and cultivates his imagination.                                                                                                                     In conclusion, in my opinion the book is a key to open a treasure chest. Only this treasure is not material, but spiritual. Besides, according to Cicero, “if you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”. Let’s believe him!

My favourite book

My favorite book is the Ioulios Zebra because it is very very very very funny and it is crazy and I like the crazy books. My favorite part of the Ioulios Zebra it is the III because it is speak about the aigypt and I am like aigypt. The funnier animal in this book it is a mouse the Plinios. This book I am like.

My party!

Hi Mark,

I haven’t seen you for one week. I’m fine because you have sent an email to me. Today is my party and I want to come to this. For you to come to my party, you go to the station and I will call my dad. My dad will go to the station by taxi and bring you. Ok. You will come to my house and help me. Yes. You could bring some cake or biscuits. Anna will bring some chips, George will bring some pizza and Jim will bring some orange juice. We will have a great time.

I’m waiting for you.

Bye for now!



I’m almost 13 years old.I have a great family, i live in a nice neighborhood of Mitilini, i go to a school that i like and a have a few good friends.My parents are both doctors and because of their job they have to stay out of home many hours even for a couple of days.Me and my younger sister and brother stay at home sometimes i have to look after them.All in our family love and help eatch other. Fortunately we don’t have serius problems as health or financial difficulties.But this is for now.Since i was 6 years old things sometimes were different when my parent had to work at Athens our grandparents had to take care of us. So we,the children, had to spend more time in Trikala with my father parent’s or in Lesvos with my mother’s family.We had a very good time with our grandparents and cousins but sometimes i missed my parents very much.And the most difficult part is that i had to change school almost every year and have new friends from the beginning.Now i think that those little problems were the reason that in our family there is love, carelessness, confidence and the belief that we are one by the other even when there is distance between us .Our family is strong and mature. Now i’m lucky that i have good friends everywhere.


I’m almost 13 years old i have great family.I live in a nice neighborhood  of Mitilini i go to a school that i like and a have a few good friends .My parents are both doctors  and because of their job they have t