12 o΄clock midnight!!!!

Clara asked to her  grandmam to tell a story. Her grandmam told her about a girl who is believed that toys come to life. When Clara sleep, she saw that she play with her toys, but  in the eagle take her freind  Clara had to go into a mouse hole and they look to her freind but is very big to go in the mouse hole , a toy the tell in Clara to say a dew  words and   

Clara is small  !!!!When Clara and  her toy  go into the mouse hole they had to go from village to village  .They had many difficuls : raining , larger stone giants ,evil creatures ,sea and same hot moments but they don’t give up all this difficuls!!!!!In the and Clara and he toy they find her freind but the eaglehane had a whole army !Clara and her toy they didn’t know that they to do  ,but Clara tell inthe toy the plan and was clear they win and take him .When they come in the house the dream is complet and averything is over .

When Clara wake up  they see something that was from in the dream and that moment she andersteant that is on her dream !!!THE AND

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