101 Dalmatians (Movie Review)!!!

This movie is called 101 Dalmatians. It’s about Roger Dearly, a man who lives in London with his Dalmatian pet, Pongo. One day, Pongo sets his eyes to a very beautiful female Dalmatian dog, Perdy and he falls in love with her. But Roger also falls in love with Perdy’s owner, Anita when he meets her. After some days, they get married. Anita works as a fashion designer at the House of de Vil. Her boss, Cruella de Vil, has a passion for fur so when she meets Anita’s dog she wants to transform it into fur, but she doesn’t tell Anita about this. After some days, Anita discovers that Perdy is pregnant and she becomes very happy. When Cruella learnt about it, she secretly gets in the couple’s house when they were outside walking and gets all the puppies to transform them into fur. Will, Anita and Roger manage to get back the puppies at the end?


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