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Chistopher Columbus

Author: Marian Dane Bower Summary: The book is about Christopher Columbus who dreamed of  advreture discovery.  New Words: land, ground,plum Favourite part of the book:

Christopher Columbus

Author: Marion Dane Bauer Summary: This book is about Christopher Columbus who wanted to travel different countries such as Asia,Italy and Spain and many others.

Christopher Columbus

Author: Marion Dane Bauer Summary: This book is about an explorer, he go to kingdom of Portugal and Spain and he ask for sailors and

Christopher Columbus

Author: Marion Dane Bauer Summary: This book is about a boy the Christopher Columbus.He was an explorer. New Words: explorer,saw Favourite part of the book:


I like fruit  and vegetables,pears and  apples. I  like  tomato and  potato too. Eat 5 fruits  and  vegetables  every day. It’s the healthy way.  

Fruit and vegetables

I like fruit and vegetables a lot. I like strawberries, oranges, and watermelon. I like cucumbers and peas too! I eat five fruit and vegetables

My 5 Day

Μου αρέσουν πολύ τα φρούτα και τα λαχανικά, μου αρέσουν οι φράουλες, οι μπανάνες και τα μήλα. Μου αρέσουν επίσης τα μπρόκολα και τα αγγούρια!.

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Living as a Londoner

The best way to experience London as a local is to stay in a quaint terrace in Blackheath. Staying there you can enjoy your life

Volcano !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day I went to explor a volcano with my parents because I love andventures and excursion . When  we reached our destination we slowy

Amazing Animals by Zoe!

Bear lives in the forest. It has a big brown body, four legs and a short tail.  The bear eats fish, meat, and fruit. It

Endangered animals

The number of endangered animals has increased in our days. This is mainly caused by the man who selfishly destroys the habitats where many animals

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Starters, Movers Flyers

Dear Diary – #WILT

Today we learned some Irregular verbs and some words.I liked some words like mane, parrot and other. It was easy!

My Easter Wish

My Easter Wish is to everyone to have an amazing Easter and for me to get a new bike.

Golf,of course!!

Scotland is the home of golf.There are about 578 golf courses there! The most famous place for golf lovers is St Andrews Links. The old

Bright Lights,Big City!(London)

London is the capital city of England and UK.Over 8,6 million people live there! It’s a busy city full of famous landmarks.You can see Buckingham

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Author: Marion Dane Bauer Summary: One boy was a dreamer.He ask help from king of Spain.He has 3 sheeps and he find America. New Words:

Christopher Columbus

Author: By Kia Heise& Christopher D.Park Summary: Christopher Columbus dorn genoa,Italy 1451. New Words: Favourite part of the book: Class: I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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Watch Houses of KEDU game video

This year’s game scenario has already kick-off. We are on fire. Way to go people. Find your house on your profile and let’s put in that effort to beat the evil D’motivate.

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