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In the past my parents we had go in cavala me had beautiful moments. We saw there beautiful sights. We look in castle 🏰 in

A magic unicorn 🦄

Once upon a time, there lived a little girls. They lived in a forest. The girls names were Diana and Lena, who wanted to kill

The Magic Sword

Once  upon a time, there were a girl and a boy. They lived in forest.  The girl’s name was  Claire  and the boy’s name was 

My house

In my house there are ten rooms. In my  bedroom there is one bed, there is desk and  a chair, there is a lamp on

My holidays

Hi John, My parents and I are having a great time here in Tavari.We are staying at home near the sea.We are lots of things

My favourite day

that day I had gone with my mom to see tenia, I was very distant, she had action and agony. I was very happy.

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Street food

The greek souvlaki is a popular street food in my country Greece.It makes with pie,meat,fries potatoes,tomatoes and greek sause tzatziki.(It has yoghurt cucumber garlis,oil,vinegar and


My Name is Peter

My name is Peter. I am 8 years old. I have got a dog. I can play video games.


Hello, I’m Maritina and I live in Mytilene. I’m 10 years old. I have got green eyes. I have got long brown hair and I’m

My best friend

My best friend is Therapia. She is my schoolmate. She has got long black curly hair and brown eyes. She is kind and faithful friend.

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A day in the beach

Today is Saturday and the family is at the beach. Now they eating they’re lunch. After that the little girl and the little boy are

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson Summary: Mr Utterson was a lawyer of Dr Henry Jekyll. Suddenly he learnt something about someone Edward Hyde, who was ak

Getting the ball back

A family is having a picnic near the sea. The weather is warm and they are happy. The mother is reading a book under the

On Style


My advice to my friend

Dear Lora Hi! How are you? I hope you are fine. It’s been so long since we last wrote to each other. I learnt that

A Natural Place

Last Summer with my family we decided to go on a vacation!We decided to go at Kavala,when we arrived there my eyes went straight at


DO brush your teeth twice a day. workout three times a week. eat a lot of vegetables. sleep 8 or more hours. eat a lot


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Watch Houses of KEDU game video

This year’s game scenario has already kick-off. We are on fire. Way to go people. Find your house on your profile and let’s put in that effort to beat the evil D’motivate.

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