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KEDU Senior B
Anastasios K.

My tour!

Two years ago I went to Brussels with my family. We took the plane from Athens. We stayed at my uncle’s house. We walked a

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Christopher Columbus

Author: Marian Dane Bower(👱🏻‍♂️📘✏️) Summary: Christopher Columbus(👨🏽‍🦱) was dreamer(💤). He visited nine weeks with three ships (🛶⛵️🚤).Columbus(👨🏽‍🦱) thought he had arrived in India (🇮🇳 )but he

Christopher Columbus

Author: Marian and Dane Bauer Summary: The New world, the America…. New Words: Tiera,indians, discover Favourite part of the book: My favourite part is the

Christopher Columbus

Author: Marion Dane Bauer Summary: A very old one famous explorer Christopher Columbus had discovered America.  New Words: Sailors, explorer, America Favourite part of the


Author: MARION DANE BAUER Summary: Christopher Columbus discovered America and named its people indians. New Words: king gweeen and Christopher Colombus Favourite part of the

Christopher Columbus!!!!

Author: My first biography! Summary: Christopher Columbus Forever liked two separate worlds together. Yet, when we look at his life we see that not everyone

Christopher Columbus

Author: MRS. Clark’s Summary: This book is about the Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus was explorer he open American.   New Words: Christopher Columbus, American Favourite


Author: Summary: This book is about the Cristopher Columbus.Cristopher Colubus sail in the ocean and he said that the earth is round.Sail with 3 ships

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Οοοps Noah is gone

Video Summary: Dear Deppie How are you ? What have you been doing in Quarantine? I have been watching many movies with my family.Yesterday afternoon


Halloween is a traditional celebration that began in Europe hundreds of years ago. At that time, some people believed that ghosts of dead people visited


When I do my lesson I see a mouse so I scared so much and I jump over my chair but the mouse steal my

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Starters, Movers Flyers

My tour!

Two years ago I went to Brussels with my family. We took the plane from Athens. We stayed at my uncle’s house. We walked a

Monkey puzzle

Author: By Julia Donaldson Summary: The llittle monkey lost her mum. A butterfly helped the little monkey find it. They found an elephant, a snake,

Dear Diary – #WILT

Today i did repetition and i remembered the animals,the clothes and the prepositions of place! I liked this learn!

Monkey puzzle

Η μικρή μαϊμού που έχασε τη μαμά της. Μια πεταλούδα βοήθησε μια μικρή μαϊμού να την βρει. Βρήκαν έναν ελέφαντα, ένα φίδι, μια αράχνη, έναν

On Style


puss in boots

Author: – Summary: this book is about a cat and boots i like this book because is very funny New Words: Favourite part of the

Mobile phones

  Our generation is a bit different from our parents. Instead of reading books and hanging out at discos, we spend our time on our

Monkey Pazzle

Author: Julia Donaldson Summary: It was a monkey who had lost her mum this time she come a butterfly and helped her. Then they went


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Watch Houses of KEDU game video

This year’s game scenario has already kick-off. We are on fire. Way to go people. Find your house on your profile and let’s put in that effort to beat the evil D’motivate.

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